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Nintendo 3DS
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March 27, 2011
Ubisoft Casablanca

Rayman 3D

3D with no glasses . . . or limbs.

Review by Chris Bahn (Email)
May 2nd 2011

If Rayman 3D is any indication, Ubisoft might be evaluating the possibility of bringing the limbless hero back to his roots. Since it's been almost a decade since the last Rayman platform release, it goes without saying that the return is well overdue.

The story takes place in the Glade of Dreams, full of whimsical creatures big and small. One day, Admiral Razorbear arrives out of deep space to enslave the entire population (capturing our hero and friends in the process) and shatters the Heart of the Planet, from which Rayman and company derive their powers. With his loyal pal, Globox, Rayman devises a plan to escape to capture all 1000 lums to restore the Heart, before it's too late.

Rayman 3D looks stunning on the small screen.

Unless you're a newcomer, Rayman's latest adventure will definitely feel like familiar territory. That's because this is a straightforward port of Rayman 2: The Great Escape, released in January 1999. Although this is a faithful translation of its console/PC counterpart, it's disappointing the developers failed to introduce something new to give fans a genuine incentive to play.

Rayman 3D looks stunning on the small screen, featuring a broad degree of lush backdrops that are both colorful and intricate in detail. Many are about as beautiful as they are deadly, ranging from bottomless pits to moonlit oceans. As I've expressed in previous 3DS articles, the 3D filter should be kept off (which I know actually defeats the purpose of owning the unit) as it fails to effectively enhance the visual qualify.

From a technical standpoint, Rayman 3D runs smooth without any clipping issues or slowdown (a quirk that exists in most platform productions). I wish the checkpoint process had been refined in recognition of the fact this is a handheld adventure. Unless you're taking long trips, you won't have the option to save right on the spot. Fortunately, the game will return you to the last checkpoint you visited, and they are located in reasonable areas - so you won't have to cover a large majority of the level should an unexpected death come along.

Overall, Rayman 3D is a solid game that should satisfy anyone looking for a deep adventure to keep him entertained for hours. My only hope is that the next time Rayman shows up, we'll have something fresh and original.

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