Battlefield 2142 Review - The Next Level

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Release date:
October 17, 2006
EA Games
1 - 64
First-Person Shooter

Battlefield 2142

The battle rages on, into the next Ice Age.

Review by Ross Fisher (Email)
November 29th 2006

After loading up another game I found myself running around a map with mobile missile launchers firing every few minutes. I also seemed to be on this large floating mobile aircraft carrier. Yes, after three Battlefield games the series finally gets a new mode: Titans. If you’re as lost reading this as I was playing it, then you’ll be glad to know that EA included a tutorial video right in the game (no microtransactions required) to show you what, where, and how do play the new mode.

Despite being very confusing initially, Titan-mode plays like a mish mash of objective-based titles a la Return to Castle Wolfenstein, with the vehicle happy mayhem of a game like Halo 2 to create something that, while maybe not unique, is damn fun, and challenging to play with a random group of strangers online.

To destroy the other team’s Titan (large floating mobile platforms armed to the nines) you first need to capture the mobile missile launchers dotting the landscape. This part plays a lot like standard conquest, with both teams going back and forth to capture the majority of the launcher platforms. The more your team controls, the faster the energy shields on the other team’s Titan crumble.

I've been playing and reviewing the games in this series since the first and I still can't seem to stop myself from saying "Just one more match."

Once the shields are down, you can begin boarding your enemies’ Titan. When you’ve gotten in, you’ll need to work down into the engine room to destroy multiple consoles, and eventually the core itself. I’m not sure the Battlefield feel (movement, weight, accuracy) works as well in closed off spaces. I dare say running around in the Titan felt rough and unbalanced in terms of gameplay.

Succeed in taking down the engine core and be rewarded with a few scant moments to get the hell out of dodge before everything goes very red. *Whew.* Complicated, expansive, and challenging: three words I wouldn’t normally use to describe game modes in this series. While fun to play; the new Titan-mode feels out of place.

Yet, even in an out of place game mode, while staring at what must be the messiest heads-up display in a game, using chunky menus, and wondering why there’s still no widescreen monitor support in this franchise, I was still having fun. I’ve been playing and reviewing the games in this series since the first and I still can’t seem to stop myself from saying “Just one more match.”

Unlike Madden with its mandatory yearly roster update there’s really no reason for longtime Battlefield fans to pick this game up unless they’re actively looking for a change in scenery. Everyone else should be right at home jumping into what is still the best online team-based first-person shooter you can play on the PC. Just make sure you download the newest patch before diving in.

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