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Release date:
October 19, 2005
2K Games
1 - 16 (co-op only)
First-Person Shooter

Serious Sam II

Proving once again that violence solves everything.

Review by James Cunningham (Email)
December 13th 2005

A Few Blanks in the Chamber

There are a few flaws here and there, though, but most of them are due to comparing Serious Sam II to the previous games in the series. Levels are smaller than before, for example, but on the other hand they load very quickly. The new cartoonish look to the enemies, on the other hand, never really feels quite right. The hulking werebulls from the earlier games packed a punch that their replacements, the patchwork wind-up rhinos, just don't have. The horse-skeleton kleer managed to escape unharmed, though, and now look even cooler than before.

Another issue is the cut-scenes. Every level now has a lead-in and closing video to go with it, and while some are entertaining, most just fall flat and interrupt the action. Thankfully they can be easily skipped with a mouse click, but it's a case where less definitely would have been more. Finally, the ending of the game is just plain unsatisfying. It's true that Serious Sam is all about the action, and it delivers on that almost constantly throughout the game. However, when even the voiceover during the closing credits admits that it feels like there should be more, there's just no denying there's a problem.

...aren't enough to hold Sam back.

Still, even with a fly or two in the ointment, Serious Sam II is an amazingly fun game. It looks gorgeous, controls well, keeps the action flowing, and never once tries to be too clever for its own good. It's an incredibly fun ride from beginning to end, and well worth taking not only for Sam's fans from his previous games, but anyone looking for a good shot of sheer adrenaline gaming.

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