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PlayStation 2
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November 5, 2007
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ATHF: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am

Funny show. Bad game. Find out why...

Review by Andrew Calvin (Email)
March 7th 2008

First thing's first: where are the zombies and oh yeah, the ninjas? As reviewers, we sometimes have to suffer so that you don't have to. So how bad can it be? Well after playing Zombie Ninja Pro-Am for longer than any human being should be forced to, I came to the conclusion that it isn't just the abysmal application of golf, action, and racing that's the problem. The concept in general is so flawed it crippled the game from the beginning.

While I'm not an expert on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I've experienced enough to know that out of all the things I'd like to do with Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad, golfing would not be one of them. There's already such significant competition in this area, I'm not sure what the developers were thinking. The glue, so to speak, that barely holds this effort together is the golf. Levels are locked down; so don't even try to shortcut them. Follow the arrows on the map and get ready for some really obnoxious combat between shots.

While some games sell the cheese-factor and are still fun, Zombie Ninja Pro-Am is just plain bad with nothing at all to counterbalance all the negatives.

After choosing your club, you have to time your shot using a meter that sets strength and aim. Then it's off to track down the ball and fight hordes of laser-shooting peacocks, weird wrench creatures, pixel monsters, giant trees, and more. You can switch between Frylock--who shoots fireballs, lighting, and homing missiles--or Shake--who uses melee weapons. Your best bet with Shake is to charge up the golf club and swing away, or wail on the guitar to stun enemies repeatedly. While the game is rather short, levels feel repetitive and slow, partly because the characters move at a snail's pace, and partly because you can't proceed to the next hit until you've cleared out all the enemies surrounding the ball. Certain levels have extra obstacles to keep you from completing the hole easily. Sometimes bosses, sometimes teleport machines, and sometimes rotating squares that block your putt.

To ease the pain of golf, the developers threw in some of the worst cart racing I've ever experienced. Because of the terrible physics and loose controls, expect to get stuck on corners, or have your cart completely fly off course without warning. Level designs are uninspiring, and by the third lap it'll feel like you've been playing a single race forever. In all modes, sound bytes quickly become repetitive as they loop endlessly through each level.

Rarely do I rag on a game this much, but the criticism is entirely warranted. While some games sell the cheese-factor and are still fun, Zombie Ninja Pro-Am is just plain bad with nothing at all to counterbalance all the negatives. With no ninjas, no zombies, and definitely no solid pro-am, don't expect to find anything of substance in what could only be considered one of the worst games to ever hit the PlayStation 2, at least in recent memory. Even hardcore fans should beware of this one.

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