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PlayStation 2
Release date:
Sept. 12, 2005
Warner Bros. Interactive Ent.

Scooby-Doo! Unmasked

THQ wants you to dress up their pooch in their latest platform game.

Review by Candice Shane (Email)
December 13th 2005

After the disappointment of my date with Chicken Little, I was quick to grasp Scooby Doo and play it like a violin. With my button fingers finely tuned and my delicate features furrowed in determination, I sought the answers to the latest of the Scooby Gang's mysteries. What I found at the end of the rainbow was something I could completely enjoy without having to sit through countless cut-scenes and uninteresting mini-games. Let's delve into the scrumptious details of my new favorite platform game, shall we?

Starting out, you're given the task of finding out where Fred's misbegotten cousin has disappeared to. The voices are completely genunine and true to form and they even got the fabulous Adam West (The original Batman TV series.) to offer up a voice for one of the main characters. Upon finding out about Jed's disappearance, you and the gang head out to the animatronic monster factory to see exactly what clues they can dig up. What lays beyond this is both the brilliance of the old cartoon series and the goofy fun that any good platform game can provide if done right. Does Unmasked! do this, it sure does and evokes both giggles and frustrated-yet-amused antics from whoever plays it.

In any good videogame, the player can quickly get into the shoes (and in this case, paws.) of the lead character without so much as batting a lash. Perhaps somebody pointed this out to the people over at THQ because the way they bring you into the mystery is flawless. I was involved from the second I started snatching up scooby snacks and rocketing over platforms to the next clue. While you're adventuring and collecting the necessary clues and items, your fellow members of the Gang are sitting around waiting for your help and providing hints and tips for how to keep going along the way. A clever little side-quest is the addition of Shaggy and his faithful lunch cart which if given to him; Shaggy will take the food items you found and piece them together into a super food item. Awesome, isn't it?

What sets Unmasked! apart from being just your average franchise game off of a cartoon is the way you get to play it. While in the factory you're given the opportunity to adorn your Great Dane in costumes that can effectively give him powers and new abilities. Valiantly portraying anything from a kung-fu master to Robin Hood, Scooby gives players a grab-bag of interesting new combinations to learn which is surprisingly refreshing.

There's really no fault to this game when it comes to gameplay and control styles, as missions are easy to pick up. Even the most narcoleptic of apes could figure out how to make Scooby do his thing, so it's easily the most adaptable title for both adults and kids that I've seen in a long time. The graphics take the stance of the earlier series, which is impressive because too many times, a game will try to update their look with the help of newer graphics.

Basically, there's no complaints from me when it comes to Unmasked! and I can't see anyone else having a generalized one either. The cameras are as good as they can be on a platform game, the soundtrack is the perfect match-up to the actual show's stylistic nature and who can complain about dressing up a dog in a kung-fu suit? Not me. Hell, they finally made a game about something I've done myself on occasion.

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