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PlayStation 2
Release date:
October 31, 2004
Heavy Iron Studios

The Incredibles

Super fun, or super dull? Our report tells all. Narf.

Review by Chris Bahn (Email)
December 13th 2004

You’d expect living the role of a super hero defending the virtues of truth and justice would be cool and endearing, yet the digital equivalent of The Incredibles’ adventure would make me want to hang up my cape and cowl. The real villains of this lost episode have been around for years, capable of sucking up one’s enthusiasm in a single swoop. It’s a bird, it’s a plane – it’s…getting turned off.

Yes, initially I had high hopes for The Incredibles, but after the first few hours, I was ready to look for a new line of work. I wonder how much they pay for snapping pics of web-slingers? To be fair, there are a few enjoyable elements that could potentially resonate with fans of the feature film, but most seasoned gamers will ultimately dismiss this as nothing more than a bare-bones action thrill.

The game’s biggest fault is its lack of depth. Players navigate through a series of levels which tie into pivotal events of the film. The majority of the levels are composed of the conventional beat-‘em up formula, complete with a bevy of enemies and a few platforming bits to spice up the gameplay.

The action is average at best, hardly enough to trigger the same enjoyment that seasoned vets have experienced with the true classics like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage. Overall, the action isn’t particularly challenging, until you advance later in the game where you’ll greatly come to appreciate the unlimited continues at your disposal. Further, the game sticks so closely to the movie, one could easily breeze through the game at such a pace that would even give Dash speed envy.

Progression throughout the game will also unlock hidden bonus content consisting of video clips and artwork. There’s even a token trailer of the feature film and a brief documentary showcasing the “Making of…” the video game edition. But truth be told, once you’ve completed the entire adventure though, there really isn’t anything worth coming back to. Perhaps if the developers opted to toss in some mini-games (a treat that any gamer would appreciate), ultimately extending the game’s longevity and appeal.

All told, The Incredibles is a decent action affair, one which will likely be enjoyable for younger gamers. As for the rest of us, I feel there’s a multitude of definitive action titles offering a greater entertaining value and longevity worth diving into.

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