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Zaku (Atari Lynx) Review
Time to stock up on AAs.
Bad Mojo (PC) Review
Bugs in games aren't always bad.
Geograph Seal (X68000) Review
As if you needed an excuse to fire up the X68000!
Zaku (Atari Lynx) Super Fighter Team PenguiNet Shooter 4
Bad Mojo (PC) Pulse Entertainment Pulse Entertainment Adventure 4.5
Geograph Seal (X68000) Exact Exact Action 4.5
Sweet Home (NES) Capcom Capcom Survial Horror 3.5
Mystical Ninja – Starring Goemon (Nintendo 64) Konami Konami Action 4
Osman (Arcade) Omega Force Mitchell Corp. Action 4.5
Star Fox (Super NES) Nintendo Nintendo Shooter 4
Metroid Prime (GameCube) Nintendo Retro Studios Shooter 5
Under Defeat SEGA G.rev Shooter 0
The King of Fighters 2000 SNK/Playmore SNK/Playmore Fighting 3.5
Metal Slug 3 SNK/Playmore SNK/Playmore Action 5
The Last Blade 2 SNK/Playmore SNK/Playmore Fighting 4
The Last Blade SNK/Playmore SNK/Playmore Fighting 4
The King of Fighters 99 - Millenium Battle SNK/Playmore SNK/Playmore Fighting 3
Garou: Mark of the Wolves SNK Playmore USA SNK Playmore USA Fighting 4
Crisis Zone Namco Namco Shooter 4.5
Dead or Alive 2 Tecmo Team Ninja Fighting 3.5
Street Fighter III: Third Strike Capcom Capcom Fighting 3
Crazy Taxi SEGA Hitmaker Racing 4
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Capcom Capcom Fighting 4
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