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Nintendo Wii
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May 5, 2009
Namco Bandai
Namco Bandai


One quick short dream, but ever so sweet.

Review by Pat Butler (Email)
May 28th 2009

It's been eleven years since the introduction of one of Namco's most lovable, yet incredibly underused, characters: Klonoa. The big-eared mascot stormed the platforming world with his 1998 wonder, Door to Phantomile, creating a lush, vibrant, and interesting imaginary 3D world with 2.5D platforming. And with little else besides a PS2 sequel, a few GBA games, and a small cameo in the SRPG cross-over Namco x Capcom, it's fitting that Namco Bandai put out a remake of Klonoa's original bouts in the dream world, to reintroduce him well over a decade later.

Klonoa may just be that one short dream you won't want to forget.

Thankfully, this is a remake done right, where little has changed aside from a graphical update and some optional elements that keep the game fresh and exciting to newcomers while still keeping it nostalgic to fans of Door to Phantomile. Klonoa's movements are limited to a jump, a second hovering maneuver, a wind bullet to capture enemies, and a double-jump off of enemies. Though the control scheme may be simple, each one of the six visions offers very imaginative ways to traverse the stage, with clever puzzle mechanics to reach ledges or hit switches by continuously double-jumping or throwing enough foes at switches in an allotted time. The game is also more of a rail platformer, with its 3D visuals set on a 2D plane. Alcoves and pathways twist and turn to an amazing degree, giving depth to what at first appears to be a flat world.

Visually, Klonoa is a tour de force. Green hills, forests, waterfalls, lakes, and starry skies strike each vision and each one is more impressive than the last, with vibrant colors and lush environments. Crossing a sparkling waterfall or trying to run along the sides of a tower with jewels and ice shimmering as you walk by them is stunning.

It's not a long adventure and you could easily trek through it an evening, but this is a clear example of the kind of game which should never be measured in length, but in sheer experience. It's a remake well-suited for both old and new fans, and for a suggested retail price of $30, Klonoa may just be that one short dream you won't want to forget.

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