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October 24, 2005
Electronic Arts
1 - 24

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Fall in and prepare for Pvt. Jenkens to crash the helicopter!

Review by Ross Fisher (Email)
November 23rd 2005

Where's the wife-swapping button?

For what it is hot-swapping into different characters during single player is probably the only thing that takes the experience from being a "glorified tutorial mode" into something resembling the Hollywood-war experience Electronic Arts seems to have been aiming for. My only bone of contention is Dice's decision to map this command to the "Y" button.

Why should you care where "hotswap" is mapped? Because it means that the controls in single-player are different than multiplayer! On paper this probably doesn't sound too bad, but trust me when I say that you'll be activating your mike (white button in multi) when you mean to reload for at least the first fifteen minuets. It's nothing that hampers your long term fun, but it is an annoyance we all could have done without.

Speaking of annoyances – let me tell you all about Electronic Arts and Xbox Live: games made by EA aren't really played on XBL. Instead when a player logs in they're given the Electronic Arts rules and terms to agree to before the game creates a special EA Online account that's separate from XBL. This means that the great service and stability you've come to expect from XBL? Just like your friends list... it's there, but it's somewhere in the background and EA Online can't seem to access it right now.

Once all my logging in, game finding (I don't know about you, but I loved that Halo 2 did all the work of finding a game for you), and loading time issues worked themselves out I found myself playing online. And what a difference it was compared to the early single-player missions. Oh look! THE SUN IS OUT! I had started to question if the game engine simply couldn't do draw distances because all of my single-player excursions thus far had been in the dark, in the rain, or in the snow.

It was here in the orange-soaked shores of some bombed out third-world country I found myself finally discovering Modern Combat. The true essence of the Battlefield experience finally revealed itself to me as I chose the class I wanted to play as, spec ops if you must know, and got down to the task of "making the other dumb bastard die for his country." This is where the game really began for me, and I have a feeling this is where it will begin for you.

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