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August 30, 2005
1 - 4 (Up to 16 online)

MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology

Like speeding motorcycles and incredibly fun online play? Yeah, I thought you did.

Review by Ken Horowitz (Email)
November 22nd 2005

The starting light hadn't been green for more than a second and already, the air was thick with smoke coming from tens of screeching tires. As far as the eye could see, powerful racing cycles roared to life and thrust forward like wild antelope fleeing a chasing lion. It was almost as if they too felt their rider's burning desire to win. This was it. The gauntlet had been thrown down, and only one would claim today's prize.

The group moved forward as a single entity, swaying back and forth as several of its components strived within for position. As it neared the first hairpin turn, the back half of the group broke off and splintered, its unity ruptured by each rider's unfamiliarity with the upcoming curve. Not willing to risk a crash, most chose to err on the side of caution and slow to a near crawl. This was, after all, only the first turn of a three lap race. They could make up the distance later on.

That was, until a flood of twisting metal came crashing across the track before them, scattering debris and bodies everywhere. Apparently, one of the riders ahead had taken the turn too fast and too sharply, causing a chain reaction that resulted in a pile up which almost ended the race then and there. The few surviving bikes struggled to navigate through the carnage, and doing so successfully, continued on.

Who was the rider responsible for such mayhem? I'll give you a hint: he likes to start racing reviews with stirring narratives.

If such colossal destruction made you picture scores of Xbox Live users screaming insults into their headphones, you'd only be half right. A ton of laughter was also present, as I got my ass handed to me in digital fashion. That's the great thing about MotoGP 3; even the crashes are fun. I've been a big fan of this series since its debut, and the online demo included with my Xbox Live starter kit was just icing on an already godly cake. Three years and two sequels later, the cake is sweeter than ever, thanks to some incredible new additions that compliment one of the most solid racing engines of this generation.

To be blunt, MotoGP 3 is the best of both worlds. The same incredible simulation experience fans have come to expect from Climax is as strong as ever. The MotoGP season mode still features both licensed tracks – sixteen of them - and riders. Chose from any of the greats or create one of your own. I prefer my custom rider to have a completely black bike with matching leathers, so if you see a phantom cycle with only a Sega-16 logo visible streak by, you'll know who that was skidding off into the stands.

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