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Release date:
Nov. 11, 2005
Shiny Entertainment

The Matrix: Path of Neo

This game feels like it's using all the muscles except the one that matters.

Review by Ross Fisher (Email)
January 13th 2006

My experiences with The Matrix: Path of Neo the second attempt by Shiny Entertainment at crafting an engaging third-person action game can be summed up in two words: loading screens.

Wait, it's actually four words: "Poorly placed loading screens."

Early on in the game after you've chosen your pill of choice, there's a training mission where you're running down a hall and text explaining how to do a jump-kick flashes on screen just as you notice a grunt ahead of you. You jump, you hit the attack button, and "BAM!" -- a loading screen pops up for a split second and leaves you standing next to said grunt.

Thankfully, the story: basically the hallmark of what made The Matrix a great movie can be counted on right? Nope. If you've never seen the live action films, you're going to have no idea of what the hell is going on. The developers have chosen to take movie footage and cut it into such condensed pieces that even I had trouble following.

Sadly, I get the feeling that the people working on the fighting mechanics did a great job, but it's nearly impossible to tell for sure because the level design is so poor. It can't help that the framerate is choppy from beginning to end. You end up hitting the attack button a couple of times and then waiting until the game catches up to you.

While The Matrix: Path of Neo is a videogame, and it certainly does everything one would expect a game to do in this day and ageā€¦ it does it in such an unpolished manner that you're better off breaking your thumbs if someone tries to make you play it.

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