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October 18, 2005
Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games

The Warriors

Rockstar shows off its creative brilliance once again--delivering a solid, robust actioner.

Review by Candice Shane (Email)
November 19th 2005

Never in all my wildest dreams did I actually expect to welcome the idea of playing something from the hands of Rockstar Games. Why? Because I'm an absolute snob and refuse to endure playing GTA. So why would I be fancying a title with almost the same style of game mechanics? Rumors were spreading like wildfire and I had yet to even see the film from which the game was based on—so you can imagine what vivid imagery had gone through my innocent little mind.

However, it's not as if you can wait once you see the box. Even if you hadn't actually taken more than two glances at the movie, you'll want to play the game. The book is chockfull of gorgeous pictorials that seem to be inked by somebody within the comic book industry and the tips make this game seem way too realistic to actually be true. You can mug a person and get away with it if no cops are around? You can lose track of police faster if you do more exercising in the gym? You've got to be joking. No game can be this incredibly in-depth.

Upon actually seeing the film, I have such an immense appreciation for what Rockstar has managed to pull off. They took the most inane aspects from the film (which is obviously a huge cult success), and put every little crumb into their powerhouse of a videogame. Seriously—anybody who's seen Sol Yurick's book-come-to-life will notice that not only are the images nearly plastered from the film to the game, but that such care and devotion was taken to make sure the gaming experience brought you from where the film started. After personally experiencing this digital brilliance first-hand, I was truly inspired—it made me start to wonder if the folks at Rockstar will ultimately become the pioneers of creating seamless AI and usher in the robotic age.

All dramatics aside, The Warriors begins with you and a group of your fellow hoodlums standing at an all-city rally lead by The Riffs: a seemingly peace-loving gang headed by the illustrious Cyrus. Cyrus stands in the middle of thousands of ruffians and spouts endlessly about how every gang could certainly persevere by joining forces against the police and the vile, crime syndicates. Then the attention focuses on a single individual amongst the crowd—taking a shot at Cyrus, leaving him for dead. An outcry of shouts and fingers all point to The Warriors as the prime suspects and so begins the manhunt for your red-vested compadres.

Can you discover the culprit responsible for setting up your gang before everyone else tries to take you out? And is it possible to actually fight your way through every gang and stay alive until you reach your turf? This is just but a taste of what you'll be faced with the second The Warriors is powered up and the ride doesn't stop till the moment you've thrown down the controller many hours later.

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