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October 18, 2005
Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games

The Warriors

Rockstar shows off its creative brilliance once again--delivering a solid, robust actioner.

Review by Candice Shane (Email)
November 19th 2005

The First Time You Meet Physics

When first starting off, you're placed in the shoes of Rembrandt, a newbie to the gang scene whose only real trademark is that he can spray paint a huge "W" on things if need be. Can't anyone else do this? In any case, you're introduced to the basics of fighting and power hits, as well as grappling and combo techniques. It's very easy to pick up and thanks to Cleon's coaching, you'll find that even the most obnoxious button-masher could pick this game up and hold his own. Ahh, but don't think for a moment that this is a simple game, my friends. You'll discover that one button will handle a lot of other actions, such as jumping fences, picking locks and stealing radios.

Catching a few hits of "Flash" will pocket you extra health, though you'll also have to collect fresh cans of spray paint at the beginning of each additional level. Forget about stockpiling since you'll start off completely fresh at every level. So say you found an awesome meat cleaver while picking apart the drug store for flash and then the level ends. Think that means you're home free; able to begin a new level fully packed, right? Nope. Part of the intricacy and criteria is set up so that you have little choice but to completely fend for yourself on every single level until the game ends.

One aspect that certainly added to the game's general ease of play was the co-op option, allowing your friend to pair up as another member of The Warriors. From a strategic standpoint, this is an awesome addition! One member can focus on the primary objectives while fighting through the throngs of Orphans gang members and the po-po. However, the game isn't without a few apparent flaws; the split-screen and camera angles during co-op mode have a few minor issues.

At times, your character tends to get a bit too close to the screen, making it difficult to actually see where you're going or determine if someone else is behind you. Stray too far away from your secondary player and a vertical line splits through the screen, making it almost impossible to regroup unless you were to direct yourself with the radar. Take heed when playing with a friend, since everybody doesn't have the patience of a saint. Thankfully, these issues won't be a concern during the single-player mode, although there are some occasional camera issues that can prove frustrating.

Somebody Has Control Issues

The Warriors offers a remarkable balance of variety, so players will never suffer from a dull, redundant gaming experience. Just when every event seemingly feels familiar, you get smacked in the face with something new like a button-smashing mission or side-quest. However, there's a small caveat at work here—many of the mini-games require an exceptionally fast trigger finger. If your skills aren't up to the par, you're going nowhere. For instance, at one point you're directing your character past a massive group of Baseball Furies. You're basically expected to navigate your Warrior with the right analog stick while you're busy tapping a trigger to sprint. If your analog slips even a second, consider Swan dead. The grim part is there's no getting around it, other than replaying the section from your last checkpoint or getting frustrated to the point of throwing the controller through your television.

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