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  1. Cruise Control

    For the first time in more than a year the wife and I took on a road trip to visit one of her friends. The use of Cruise Control is something which I totally rejected in my earlier driving years but now I find it indispensable - you don't stress your legs over time and you don't have to constantly pay attention to whether you're too far beyond the speed limit or not. I only wish I would have embraced this technology sooner, because I probably wouldn't have ever had a speeding ticket otherwise. ...
  2. Wedding season

    So the time is upon where couples are rushing to get to the altar and sign a contract stating they will pool their resources together and if they happen to separate it may lead to financial ruin. Even knowing this, everyone wants to get married. It's disheartening. I'm even going to be in a TNLer's wedding party *cough cough* but he will do what he does. The alternative choice isn't the best bet.

    Anyway, weddings are a blast. I meet great people, I get down, and I act a clown. ...
  3. Plastic Fantastic

    I'm flat broke again and I need a better way to pass the time away than polishing off a lukewarm forty while listening to mp3s out of a tinny laptop speaker. It's another humid Saturday night in New York City and I've got shit to do but fool myself into being productive. Before I know it this weekend'll be over and I'll be back at the plantation before I know it.

    I started thinking about how cool it was to write about video games but then that got me to thinking about how much disposable ...
  4. Pikmin (GC)

    You know what's depressing? When I fired this up on my Wii, the title screen read "Nintendo 2001." That makes me feel incredibly old and dying.

    ANYWAY, what can you really say about this game except Nintendo RTS-lite? And fun. I'm just really, really happy that they didn't try to cram an existing character into this and went with an original universe. They could easily have made this starring Mario, Kirby, or maybe even Captain Falcon. You know Nintendo would do this. ...
    Video Games
  5. Recycling: Toy Story 3

    As a full grown man I was thinking about how there was no way I could watch this thing by myself. People would think I was some weird pervert that likes sniffing every seat around him to get his willies out. Luck would have it that one of my ladyfriends from work called me up telling me she wanted to see and I was apparently obligated to treat her to it. Fine.

    She was caught me at a good time because I hadn't watched a Hollywood movie since Inglorious Basterds last year. I was just ...
  6. TNL classic theme is back? Yes, this is good.

    I can stand looking at TNL again! It's a miracle. Seriously, this is great and whoever designed it deserves multiple thumbs up. So here you go!

    Do any of you suckers use Twitter? I used to hate Twitter but now I like Twitter. My username there is naughtysecrets. Let's be friends!

    Updated 06 Jul 2010 at 08:01 PM by Nick

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  7. Those Nintendo Games Are So Hard

    I've never had any "gaming buddies," not that it really mattered, but here's why I don't talk to my friends about games: (taken from Facebook).

    This pretty much summed it up today on why we don't like the new nintendo games. "Because it's like press the up arrow, plus m, x, z, r, left arrow twice, and forward, okay that's how you walk!!!" LOL! My thoughts exactly!
    dude i dont understand any of those video games they are all like that i feel like the

    Updated 06 Jul 2010 at 02:23 PM by Nick

    Video Games
  8. Drinking Alone

    Today is the only day not only out of my four-day vacation but of my next few weekends which I have all to myself. I got a few things done, got back to the gym, cleaned a little bit, and gathered supplies for the next two days. Now I'm home, in my room, doing nothing but reading the news, TNL, and having a drink.

    So to those of you who are enjoying some well-earned time off from the doldrums of your work, social, and/or personal life, I toast to thee.

    Updated 03 Jul 2010 at 11:32 PM by Razor Ramon

  9. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (GC)

    Oh Silicon Knights! You were pretty good there for a while, with your Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Rectum! Then you ruined Metal Gear and started off the Too Human trilohahahahaha I cannot even finish that. Basically what I am trying to say is


    But back then you weren't! With the magic of my magical pile of magic shame and the magic of my magically continuously decaying gray matter I can travel to the distant past and experience ...

    Updated 03 Jul 2010 at 01:03 PM by Nick

    Video Games
  10. Happy birthday, old friend

    I was on the main page a few minutes ago, and noticed that it (July 2) was the birthday of an old friend, Daisuke Jigen, aka Clint Gorman. He didn't post on TNL for very long, but many of the old #gf_tavern crew will probably remember him very well.

    He passed away a little over 7 years ago, and under the birthday announcement it showed that he should have been 28 years old today. It just hit me like a punch to the gut. Has it been that long?

    I'm just about to turn 31 ...
  11. The Rain in Tupelo Ln Flows Mainly to the Drain.

    I just ran 2 miles in about 25 mins in hard rain. I need a weatherproof stopwatch.

    I learned three things, today:

    One. I can run 2 miles non-stop, again.
    Two. What it means for a storm drain to be at full capacity. Tupelo Ln is a mile road, downhill, running 2-3" deep, traveling faster than I could, with one drain. It's a small, residential, untrafficked road, so I ran in the road (against traffic, of course), shoes pounding, ankle deep in water, and when ...

    Updated 02 Jul 2010 at 11:14 PM by Nick

  12. snuff glasses

    Do you drink? Do you like to drink hard alcohol straight?

    Well, you need a snuff glass.

    What is a snuff glass? Well back in the day (and maybe now) they would sell snuff (tobacco product) would come in a glass. Think jam glasses, but with tobacco. Remember how jam would come in a small glass with Pikachu? Kind of like that.

    Anyway, snuff glasses are perfect for drinking. Want the right amount of water to take your pills at night before bed? Snuff glass. ...

    Updated 02 Jul 2010 at 10:50 AM by Nick

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  13. Blogs n shit.

    I've been invited by two people to play game tourneys and what not, but I have not found an option anywhere to accept or decline. I have also tried to post a blog entry but obviously I'm just a retard since I couldn't figure it out. I'm apparently posting now. How do I join in the gaming? This new TNL I am liking less every day.

    Updated 02 Jul 2010 at 12:24 AM by Nick

  14. Ebert vs. video games part II

    So Ebert has a new blog post in the continuing saga of the debate of if a video game is not art. I wrote this reply on the place where I read the news article:


    Ebert's newest post doesn't change the two main points I have whenever this topic comes up:

    1) I don't think that an actual video game in and of itself is art.
    2) I don't care if a video game is art or not.

    Most people call the act of playing a video game a hobby. ...
    Video Games

    There's a common misconception concerning me going around the community I work in. No, not the racism stuff, that is true. No, I am referring to the idea that I hate kids. I don't hate kids. I love kids (w'sup Mzo, Shine). I have friends who are kids. I do hate the "parents" of most kids that come into the shop though. I put that in quotes because I think parents is a misnomer for these people. From what I can tell, there isn't any parenting going on.

    I'm going to ...
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