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  1. LR2 log - 20120109

    I think the new BBC Sherlock series hit a low point today with their whole segment for Sherlock's "Mind Palace". The show already has presented much more extraneous stuff on screen while action is happening, so I don't know why they couldn't have done more there - not to mention that the only other thing going on otherwise was him spazzing out with his hands. I mean, that's what I do here, but I'm not starring in some high budget drama.

    That I know of.

    2012-01-10T00:44:56:157Z ...
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  2. LR2 log - 20120108

    Yesterday I was about finished with my daily session on the treadmill, where I have a PS2 controller taped to the handlebar so that I can play stuff while I (lightly) jog. At that time, I noticed that my thumb on my left hand seemed to become enfeebled and that I struggled to grip things with it in a way, or somehow felt like it was numbed. I am a bit apprehensive about how playing will feel today.

    Let's find out how it goes.


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  3. LR2 log - 20120107

    Is it at all possible for me to get a single drive-thru order from Culver's without them messing something up? Christ.


    4th: Himiko. 5th: Mendes B14. Again.

    Fuck you. I stayed afloat at 55% B until that started.


    10387; 3690 3007 949 364 1226 Combo 130 A -1174

    the black knight, almagest, angel wing, paradise lost, calls

    I'm pretty sure I never ...
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  4. LR2 log - 20120106

    Three songs I predict to be in the warmup: Erasemotor Phantom, Calls, and Kousoku Compliance.

    Place your bets.


    First song was Kousoku Compliance. Third was Nu Known, which is what compelled me to quit. Turns out that Cross Breed would have been fifth. I'm glad that I bailed immediately.



    9510; 3299 2912 1466 686 1858 Combo 90 B -860

    drivin ...
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  5. Just a friendly reminder....

    by , 06 Jan 2012 at 12:09 AM (PepsimanVsJoe talks about random games.)
    You nerds better be checking out Awesome Games Done Quick 2012.
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  6. LR2 log - 20120105

    Just recently, I discovered a way to put a few lines of code in my project in a more efficient manner, which is nice and all - but which means that I should replace the code in everything that I've done so far, which is some 40 forms or so. I think. Wah.



    8494; 2963 2568 832 258 672 Combo 243 A -842

    ganymede, nu known, kailua, the deep striker, dripping blood

    Times like these it almost feels ...
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  7. LR2 log - 20120104

    Getting to work on 1040 SS (PR) later on. It's still in draft form, so that means I have to open it up in LiveCycle a certain way which makes the program slow down dramatically since it individually identifies and separates each element on the page.

    I can stand to do this now.


    8619; 2859 2907 01636 729 1799 Combo 124 B -1402

    Voyage ~夢幻の彼方、永久の冥王星~, ...
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    Video Games
  8. LR2 log - 20120103

    It's a fishful day.

    What shall warmup bring?


    11459; 4211 3037 1109 308 928 Combo 354 A -785

    tricks, M31 bms edit, heaven's gate, intertwined, 恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!!

    Pretty easy course. Arguably nothing of difficulty came up until Intertwined, and that only has some stretches of bad note runs in spots but is otherwise palatable. Another entry in the ...
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    Video Games
  9. LR2 log - 20120102

    I have another batch of songs moved over, and they seem to work wonderfully.

    Start up first.


    9616; 3346 2924 1267 410 1255 Combo 184 A -1814

    eraser engine distorted, dances with snow fairies, cross breed, fascination maxx, ZETA~素数の世界と超越者~

    I played a few of the 5key songs first so while I didn't go into this totally cold, it's still a bit ...
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    Video Games
  10. LR2 log - 20120101

    So let's start the new year by doing absolutely nothing differently. Sounds great.


    8735; 2737 3261 1872 749 1537 Combo 132 B -1755

    dxy!, brainstorm, colorful cookie, wild clown, bad maniacs

    Handled the opening of DXY! better than usual but was not able to sustain anything at the end, not to mention that I couldn't even string the easy reprise. Had some better scratching with Brainstorm. Didn't get a bad random so ...
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    Video Games
  11. LR2 log -20111231

    Thankfully, my time stamper page works with the new year without modification. I was afraid I'd have to change something.

    So happy 2012, England.


    9268; 3154 2960 935 269 774 Combo 168 A -954

    caudaemorducus, dreaming in library, evangelize, evans, calls

    If anmitsu is the lazy way to hit long stretches of rolls, fine, I'm lazy. I'm just trying to keep combo and minimize misses before trying to AAA everything. ...
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    Video Games
  12. LR2 log - 20111230

    I'm sick of the bullshit.

    Not this bullshit. Other bullshit.


    7083; 2409 2265 1595 546 1208 Combo 177 B -1247

    go bezerk, ○○バスタースパーク, september wind, lunasa the stormcauser

    Hey, great, the game remembers that I have Buster Spark as an available chart for this. I really don't need to see that very often, honest. Particularly after opening ...
    Tags: lr2
    Video Games
  13. LR2 log - 20111229

    Firstly - I downgraded Yellow Head Joe to an 11, seeing as how I have cleared it with a scant 45 misses, so there's no real point in having that in the 12* tier for warmup purposes or otherwise.

    Second, getting started sooner helps me get out of the rut here. So let's.


    8251; 2648 2955 1596 667 1794 Combo 169 B -1529

    marine snow, almagest, cutexecute, g59, satellite 020712 from coded arms

    Sweet sack ...
    Tags: lr2
    Video Games
  14. LR2 log - 20111228

    I wish cat petting was an actual paid job. I'd be so rich.


    9428; 3321 2786 1224 424 1226 Combo 214 A -1766

    arabian rave night, usual days remix, てんてん, biometrics warrior, g2

    That wasn't particularly pleasant. Arabian Rave wasn't kind to me and I got out of it at a high C and only peeked out at a B with G2 at the end. I probably stayed above water with Usual Days and Tenten, at least the ...
    Tags: lr2
    Video Games
  15. bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo bravo

    [CENTER][FONT=comic sans ms][SIZE=3]When did the Parent Forums become attack and derail member threads? The inception of this new procedure prompted by the Site owner's boys is pure negligence. A disappointing reflection on the TNL's direction. You are accountable and consequences will be swift and your moderator days will be gone and you will receive infractions.
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