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  1. 'appy 'olidays

    Dear TNL Diary,

    Since losing my job, I have taken to sitting around in my pajamas and trying to take pictures that make me look most like Gene Wilder. We share the same slopping nose, weak chin, and slightly bulgy eyes. I believe Gene Wilder had a son put up for adoption, and that son is my father. I wish Mr. Wilder were my father, but I will settle for grandpa.

    I only have a handful of close friends, and I really wish I lived by them still. Sometimes you just want ...

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  2. LR2 log - 20111217

    And that's the last Saturday before Christmas done at work.



    11563; 3887 3789 1638 596 1373 Combo 171 B -248

    phantom ensemble, ピアノ協奏曲第1番"蠍火"(なんでも吸い込むピンク色のための), VIP ~飛べない俺はただのクマ, ...
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  3. LR2 log - 20111216

    Let's not be so distracted and get a few more songs in today, shall we?

    Let's hope.


    First course came up as Bloody Marie (meh), Quark (seems to come up a lot), and then Denjin Chop, which I know was just recent. Three days ago.

    Flushed without making a new timestamp and I think I had some good luck with the draw.

    11258; 4180 2898 1157 307 1043 Combo 207 A -767

    summer vacation, angel ...
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  4. Excitebike Is Such a Shit Game

    I just had to share this. My nerd rage is off the chart.
    There was a group of three guys in here, I'd say in their late teens early twenties. They're all looking at N64 games. One of them wants to buy A Bug's Life because his girlfriend liked it and Bomberman Hero because Bomberman is the greatest ever. While I can't disagree with the overall sentiment of Bomberman being the fairly great, his reign of greatness ended on the SNES.
    Anyway, they see Excitebike 64 and the rest goes ...
  5. LR2 blog - 20111215

    Having a splendid day today.

    I tried to delete the post to have it automatically go up at 1159PM so that it would be entered on the day, but then I guess it didn't go up and stayed deleted? Never tried that before, so I guess I know what to do now. Anyway.


    8619; 3047 2525 1057 387 853 Combo 127 A -1406

    cutexecute, caudaemorducus, fake time, icarus, CaptivAte2~覚醒~

    Today's word of the ...
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  6. Christmas Spirit

    The nicest thing about the Christmas season is that it's about the only time of year I get to see females who aren't complete hags.
    98% of my customer base is male. The remaining 2% are either nerd emo girls who wear way too much make up and eat way too many Twilight emblazoned candy bars or they are haggard neighborhood moms with about a hundred miles of bad highway running down their hollow faces. I know there are hot moms out there, but they must all go to the mall locations 11 months ...

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  7. LR2 log - 20111214

    And here's another serving of whatever the fuck this is about.


    9573; 3210 3153 1481 382 1170 Combo 299 B -290

    感情の摩天楼 ~ cosmic mind, fake time, organismandala, dances with snow fairies, fascination maxx

    Touhou song still isn't good for a lead - if I finished with a C it was at 45% or so. Fake Time helped rise things and the chart was fine. Seems like it's been some time since ...
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  8. LR2 log - 20111213

    Let's do this.


    8392; 2908 2576 1059 311 1002 Combo 252 A -1504

    concertino in blue, erasemotor phantom, 炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!!, sunny shiny ring, stalker

    Hurt severely by Denjin Chop, with the bass kick on 3 and hi-hat on 2. Finished Tino with a 57% B so I was ok with that to lead things off. Only dipped down to a C at the very end ...
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  9. LR2 log - 20111212

    And up.


    9291; 3259 2773 1538 555 1548 Combo 214 B -579

    anisakis B14, cross breed, sphere, symptom, go bezerk

    Despite it having been a week since I last played Cross Breed it still feels too recent. Scraped through the first half of Anisakis at 45% (which I don't think I did as well before) and ended Cross Breed at 44% D. Sphere brought it to 50%, Symptom to 51%, and I even managed to bring it up one point to end ...
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  10. LR2 log - 20111211

    In winter, I have to hold my hands against my neck to get the fingers warm.

    Playing this game with cold hands honestly makes me feel like I'm slower and that I'm more prone to hitting the sides of the buttons than the proper surface. Boo hoo.


    Quick load reveals the first song as Calls. Didn't I recently open with that? Records indicate it was ... four days ago.

    Trash. Next.

    2011-12-12T00:43:22:810Z ...
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  11. LR2 log - 20111210

    One last Saturday before Christmas.



    9149; 3367 2415 992 319 1084 Combo 229 A -1019

    garden, CaptivAte2~覚醒~, next stage!!, fascination maxx, baby blue blanket

    Eight notes away and all, but I do like courses where I can keep the Good count to under 1000. I think I was out at 61% through Garden and I don't think I ever went to the C range. Nothing excruciatingly difficult here. ...
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  12. LR2 log - 20111209

    OK I can stand to start things earlier today.


    8572; 2910 2752 1294 521 1568 Combo 138 B -634

    go bezerk, y&co is dead or alive, 冥, the black knight, usual days remix

    Good Lord that's a jumble of fun. Honestly, only The Black Knight was probably the only thing to keep me above a C through this - well, I know for sure that Go Bezerk put me at a D, and I think I maintained a low C through Mei somehow (owing ...
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    Video Games
  13. LR2 log - 20111208

    Still trying to get my hands warm.

    Hurry up, hands.

    Perhaps porn would help!

    Eh, nah.


    9044; 3139 2766 1794 602 1467 Combo 156 B -981

    tranoid, 秩序の秋桜 (chitsujo no akizakura [regular fall sakura]), spica, Voyage ~夢幻の彼方、永久の冥王星~, intertwined

    Well, the IIDX ...
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    Video Games
  14. LR2 log - 20111207

    Yeah, I can't keep putting this off.

    Well, I can, but I already have it all set up and ready to go, so, OK.


    8246; 2719 2808 1051 330 845 Combo 172 A -1542

    calls, Punch Love ♥ 仮面 B14, jesus, 灼熱Beach Side Bunny, gobble

    Finally didn't do so badly with the scratching on BSB. Not a good wake up with Calls, finishing at 50% C. Otherwise nothing terribly remarkable, other ...
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  15. LR2 log - 20111206

    Feels good to neither be strung out or already at this point of the day after doing nothing but sleep.

    Also feels good to have a break from tax form work.


    8238; 2824 2590 1051 378 1144 Combo 167 B -18

    g59, shining on, g2, 4bidden area, go beyond

    Apart from some LS7 or RS1 chords, the charts were pretty nice overall through this course. G2 and Gobey had parts which were nicer to play out than normal ...

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