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  1. A kitten wandered into my garage. Now I have a kitten.

    by , 03 Oct 2010 at 03:22 PM (Destroy, erase, improve. Reinvent yourself. Stuff like that.)
    A kitten started hanging around my house about a month ago and I felt bad for it, so I started feeding it. Then one night some friends and I were chilling in the garage, listening to some Tears For Fears records, playing Poker and drinking some High Life, and the kitten wandered in and began playing with the straps on my messenger bag. As stoners, we were immediately intrigued by the kitten and watched it play for a good 15 minutes before we had to switch sides on the record. One Electric Light ...
  2. How do I imprison a woman and have her think it's her idea?

    Seriously. Anyone with experience? I know there has to be at least a few people here who have done this or been on the receiving end of it.
  3. Regarding etiquette in restaurant seating

    When my wife and I go to a restaurant and sit down for a meal, we usually sit across from each other in a booth. The booth feels comfortable to me probably mostly because it seems more enclosed than a set of seats situated around a table, and I think I prefer it because it's something which is unique to a dining experience. I can sit at a table when I'm eating at home; dining out is something which is to be enjoyed for it being a rare occasion.

    From what I can tell, though - and I'm ...
  4. Good love story.

  5. on the topic of boobies

    RE: 46237

    Coming out your mouth with your blah, blah, blah Zip your lips like a padlock And meet me in the back With the Jack and the jukebox I don't really care where you live at Just turn around, boy, let me hit that Don't be a little bitch with your chit chat Just show me where your dick's at Music starts, listen hot stuff I'm in love with this song So just hush, baby, shut up Heard enough Stop, talk, talk, talking that blah, blah, blah Think you'll be getting this? Nah, nah, nah ...

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  6. Photography Lessons With ElCapichan: Your Camera's Dynamic Range

    Today's Lesson: Determining the dynamic range of your camera's sensor and using that to get a better exposure

    I am out of town away from my camera for the weekend, and while perusing the latest issue of outdoor photographer, I came across an interesting article on determining the dynamic range capabilities of your camera to help you better determine the proper exposure without spending a lot of time with trial and error or relying to heavily on your camera's metering system. Unfortunately, ...

    Updated 12 Sep 2010 at 12:39 AM by ElCapichan

  7. Photography Lessons With ElCapichan: Milky Way

    Today’s Lesson: Photographing the Milky Way

    Probably one of the coolest aspects of photographing the Milky Way, or really just any part of the night sky, is seeing just how many stars are up there that we cannot see with the naked eye. Even at an elevation of 10,000 feet and far from any major cities, it can be difficult to find the the Milky Way until your eyes have fully adjusted to the dark after some time. There are 2 main ways to photograph the Milky Way. The first, and best ...

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  8. Photography Lessons With ElCapichan

    Today's lesson: Star Trail Photography

    I was introduced to star trail photography back in November. I had seen it before but never gave it any thought and didn't even really connect what it was. I stumbled about a website that explained the process and immediately became intrigued and decided I would try it for myself while on my road trip out west. Star Trail photography can be tricky, and by that, I mean that just about no 2 websites has the same information on shutter speed, aperture, ...

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  9. AD 001.

    I am hoping to get AD post 001 done and up soon. Personal, but aren't all blogs..., and I hope it will be depressing, illuminating or, at the very least, a cautionary tale.
  10. There is only so much time for <input your favorite hobby>

    Anyone who knows me know that I love videogames. Been playing it since my parents made a bet with me to buy me the Atari 2600 if I could finish 3rd in my class (of course, they didn't think I could to it and I showed them and never looked back). Videogames is a big part of my life, I like to read/discuss and of course, play a lot of games after a day of hardwork and everyone goes to bed.

    But every so often, I lose the desire to even play my favorite games. It usually coincides ...
  11. Childhood memories: The NES years

    I've been thinking of my childhood years in terms of gaming recently and I wanted to compile a list of games that stand out the most and what I remember spending hours upon hours on.

    10. Ghostbusters II

    9. Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout

    8. Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers

    7. Mega Man 2

    6. Totally Rad

    5. Super Mario Bros. 3

    4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ...

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  12. Now a word from your quietest poster...

    If not the quietest, then certainly up there. Why?

    A few reasons,

    I can't spell for shit. Think IP bad. Even with fastidious spell checking, it get's quite tiring when I have tons of errors.

    I am not used to expressing my opinions. Don't ask, but I'm just not open to having what I think bashed, insulted, and declared wrong.

    So I post very, very little. I also don't talk about or express my opinions with anyone. My fella mentioned ...
  13. Bill Nye the Science Guy

    One of the shows I watched as a kid with great enthusiasm, I couldn't help but be strangely attracted to Bill, even as a...7 year old? BILL BILL BILL BILL!

    Anyway, I was reminded of Bill Nye after watching this video of Head Rush, a new show being hosted by the hot redhead from Mythbusters; Kari Byron. The show is aimed at kids, but I'm going to try to catch it on the air. I hope there is still enough curiosity or general thirst for knowledge ...

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  14. five faces of darkness

    We all have personal flaws. Even here on TNL where people act like they are the life breath of the Gods.

    I'm pretty aware of mine, though it might not seem like it. One that really bothers me is that I do not live my life in such way that is fulfilling to me on a daily basis. I am living in such a way that things will work out in the long term. Despite what some might say, I am intelligent. I am pursuing things that will bring me a job and about as much security as an educated ...
  15. Fixies SUCK!

    by , 19 Aug 2010 at 08:01 PM (The Rise and Fall of the Rude Owls)
    Why do people hate fixies so much but give single speed bikes a free pass? Why are hipsters associated with fixies, when there are enough purple bikes with neon-green Deep-V with gold freewheel hubs to completely disassociate hipsters with fixed gears? Mostly it's people being ignorant. It's fun to be a dumbass when everyone else is doing it, but sometimes... sometimes... don't you wish you had something you could care about without everyone making fun of it? If you don't want to be a stupid asshole, ...
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