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  1. whatever

    hi everybody.
    i know i sound crazy but to be honest i just don't know much bout well a girl who stopped at the stop sign while walking (oh that was one time as i was lost in my own thoughts & didn't realize i am walking as accident happens) how can she walk thru an entire game, right. well i joined this site just bcause of my boyfriend. he doesn't want me to as if he owns this site. just being racist as according to him those who doesn't know anything about game shouldn't come ...
  2. 2011 the year that movies will rock?

    Its real damn early. Real early, but 2011 is shaping up to be pretty special movies wise.

    So far we have ...

    (in order of release by Box Office Mojo)

  3. How did I get here?

    I have toyed with lucid dreaming in the past. And I went on a good run of spotting my dreams, then manipulating them -- more often than not for sex -- I was eighteen.

    So, last night I had a dream. And in it, I left work at lunch, sold a CD, and while sleepy, and not paying attention, I hit a pedestrian.

    I hit the breaks and stopped.

    But not in time to avoid hitting her. There were kids in the road, too. I didn't hit those, as far as I know.

    Updated 27 Jul 2010 at 01:57 AM by Doc Holliday

  4. tnl

    how does this thing actually work
  5. whatever

    i dont like playing games
  6. Oh happy day.

    I hate Vista. Windows Vista is the biggest piece of horse dong that was ever crapped out of MS. Serious. Vista has been giving me problems for over a year. It all came ahead about two weeks ago when it decided to update more security holes. So, what happens? They install. I restart ... and then everything from Windows Photo Gallery to MS Office ... stops working, loading, etc. Yeah seems I have a virus. From where?


    So, I try and overwrite it by Installing ...

    Updated 25 Jul 2010 at 12:36 AM by Advocate

  7. Why I Hate Editing

    Let's say when you die, you get to write your own eulogy. But you can't just make shit up. You have to use what's there.

    You look back on every sec of your life with a comb and magnifying glass, every detail, every mistake. And you can't re-do or change any of it. You can just manipulate it or hide it.

    But hiding it is not that simple. You have to hide it really good... where no one is looking, notices and wonders, "Hey! What just happened there??" So, ...

    Updated 21 Jul 2010 at 01:06 PM by Doc Holliday

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  8. Monkey Island 1 and 2: Special Editions (XBLA)

    I am all about digging through the backlog hill of shit that is video game history, snuffing out the classic truffles, cleaning them up a bit with my hypothetical pig-man arms, putting quite a bit of HD makeup on them to make them pretty, pretty whores, sprinkling some achievement cocaine on their asses and going to town in their Xbox 360 hole.

    God, that sounds awful. I should quit analogies forever.

    The point is: I really like these cheap (as in cost) classic game ...

    Updated 17 Jul 2010 at 07:41 AM by Mzo

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  9. Cruise Control

    For the first time in more than a year the wife and I took on a road trip to visit one of her friends. The use of Cruise Control is something which I totally rejected in my earlier driving years but now I find it indispensable - you don't stress your legs over time and you don't have to constantly pay attention to whether you're too far beyond the speed limit or not. I only wish I would have embraced this technology sooner, because I probably wouldn't have ever had a speeding ticket otherwise. ...
  10. Wedding season

    So the time is upon where couples are rushing to get to the altar and sign a contract stating they will pool their resources together and if they happen to separate it may lead to financial ruin. Even knowing this, everyone wants to get married. It's disheartening. I'm even going to be in a TNLer's wedding party *cough cough* but he will do what he does. The alternative choice isn't the best bet.

    Anyway, weddings are a blast. I meet great people, I get down, and I act a clown. ...
  11. Plastic Fantastic

    I'm flat broke again and I need a better way to pass the time away than polishing off a lukewarm forty while listening to mp3s out of a tinny laptop speaker. It's another humid Saturday night in New York City and I've got shit to do but fool myself into being productive. Before I know it this weekend'll be over and I'll be back at the plantation before I know it.

    I started thinking about how cool it was to write about video games but then that got me to thinking about how much disposable ...
  12. Pikmin (GC)

    You know what's depressing? When I fired this up on my Wii, the title screen read "Nintendo 2001." That makes me feel incredibly old and dying.

    ANYWAY, what can you really say about this game except Nintendo RTS-lite? And fun. I'm just really, really happy that they didn't try to cram an existing character into this and went with an original universe. They could easily have made this starring Mario, Kirby, or maybe even Captain Falcon. You know Nintendo would do this. ...
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  13. Recycling: Toy Story 3

    As a full grown man I was thinking about how there was no way I could watch this thing by myself. People would think I was some weird pervert that likes sniffing every seat around him to get his willies out. Luck would have it that one of my ladyfriends from work called me up telling me she wanted to see and I was apparently obligated to treat her to it. Fine.

    She was caught me at a good time because I hadn't watched a Hollywood movie since Inglorious Basterds last year. I was just ...
  14. TNL classic theme is back? Yes, this is good.

    I can stand looking at TNL again! It's a miracle. Seriously, this is great and whoever designed it deserves multiple thumbs up. So here you go!

    Do any of you suckers use Twitter? I used to hate Twitter but now I like Twitter. My username there is naughtysecrets. Let's be friends!

    Updated 06 Jul 2010 at 07:01 PM by Nick

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  15. Those Nintendo Games Are So Hard

    I've never had any "gaming buddies," not that it really mattered, but here's why I don't talk to my friends about games: (taken from Facebook).

    This pretty much summed it up today on why we don't like the new nintendo games. "Because it's like press the up arrow, plus m, x, z, r, left arrow twice, and forward, okay that's how you walk!!!" LOL! My thoughts exactly!
    dude i dont understand any of those video games they are all like that i feel like the

    Updated 06 Jul 2010 at 01:23 PM by Nick

    Video Games
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