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  1. apollo

    I did one of my favorite things tonight, listen to old records and drink

    There are two types of people in this world, those who get music, and those who do not. If you get music you already know what I'm talking about. If you do not, you probably think I'm being a dick ass for talking about drinking and listening to music.

    Anyway, I love records. And not just records of songs we all know. I love finding records of stuff no one my age has ever heard of. Long forgotten ...

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  2. All I Do is Art

    ...and play videogames!

    At least that's the feeling from the past few years. Post graduation I go out less, earn less money, still don't own a car, and by proxy look to the bright side: less excuses to not be drawing.

    Except for videogames. There's always that excuse.

    Lately I've been doing a series of Super Street Fighter 4 postcards. Each one tries to be themed according to background pattern, motif, and theme. Like Ken's constant "SHORYUKEN" ...

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    by , 25 Jun 2010 at 12:16 PM (The Rise and Fall of the Rude Owls)
    This morning i drove by myself for the first time in over a year. Now i feel all aggressive and mad! I remember why i used to scream all the time and drive recklessly: when i want to get angry, there's not a satisfying outlet. A few twitches and i could ruin someone's life pretty bad, but on my bike, i really have to put effort into getting angry. A quick sprint will get it all out.
    Now while you're fuming over what this stupid ass cyclist thinks he knows about driving, what do you hate about ...
  4. Y'all Got Cash?

    Ah Summer Time!
    How I loathe thee.
    Summer means the stinky people that frequent the store are even stinkier.

    Summer means the greasy people that frequent the store are even greasier. Seriously. Usually I only have to wipe down the glass showcases at the end of the day. But if the temperature outside hits anywhere higher than 72 then the glass looks like someone smeared Vaseline all over it within minutes of opening the door.

    Summer means everyone has ...

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  5. Mid Year's Resolutions

    Ever since I was a little kid, I have been fascinated with the concept of a fresh start. Not as in "complete overhaul," "witness protection program," or "bury your girlfriend where no one will ever find her, ever." More like New Year's resolutions or the kinds of promises you make to yourself as you blow out your birthday candles. These kinds of incremental improvements can be very useful if they are adhered to.

    In fact, one of my favorite comedies, ...
  6. part three

    We wake up late Sunday and check out of the hotel. We pick up Sierra and take her to lunch. She and Robby are consumed with sketching in his journal. It is evident they are very much brother and sister. She shows exciting promise as and artist and he gives her tips about drawing facial features. Sierra has grown up to be a beautifully atypical teenager. Despite the fact that she was trapped in a house with her barely sane mother and a pedophile and for the past ten years, she is emotionally mature ...

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  7. Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down

    Now this is a story all about how
    My life got flipped turned upside down
    And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
    I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air

    In West Philadelphia born and raised
    On the playground is where I spent most of my days
    Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
    And all shootin' some b-ball outside of the school
    When a couple of guys who were up to no good
    Started makin' trouble in my ...

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  8. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

    Hey you guys, what is up? Do you remember when Nintendo made Super Mario Bros., and it was actually kind of hard? That last Hammer Brother in Bowser's for reals castle

    Remember when they made a sequel? SMB had been so popular and so many people had played it so much that they just went balls out and made the hardest Mario game of all time, SMB2. The game was so hard that Japanese kids killed themselves over it, but that is really nothing ...

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  9. grand junction part two

    The views in Grand Junction are beautiful, but there is a perpetual feeling of being trapped in the valley. Not only is it completely surrounded on all sides by bluffs and mountains, but most of the people seem to be natives who never made an effort to move away or better themselves. There is a severe lack of community feeling and absolutely no sense of artistic encouragement. Throughout our visit, we found very few independent local businesses. The ones we did find either offered poor quality products ...

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  10. grand junction, colorado part one

    the following is an entirely true experience. lots more to come. these words are going to be used in various ways to raise money for sierra so constructive criticism is very welcome. also, my apologies to anyone who lives in grand junction, not just because i insulted your town but also because you have to live there.

    Friday morning, 6 am we wake up, pack up, and take off. It would turn out to be the trip of a lifetime, but not necessarily in a good way. We made the decision to go ...

    Updated 23 Jun 2010 at 11:35 AM by Nick

  11. Obama is a giant vagina.

    Barack Obama is a pragmatist, and there is nothing wrong with that. There was joke made by Stephen Colbert at his infamous White House Correspondents Dinner gig that George Bush "believes the same thing Wednesday that he believed on Monday, no matter what happened Tuesday", which is true of Republicans in general lately and that is a shitty way to govern. Supply side economics and a free market where the only regulation is 'caveat emptor' has failed over and over again and conservatives ...
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  12. LoZ: Twilight Princess (GC)

    So I am finally playing the Gamecube version of LoZ: Twilight Princess on my Wii.

    I'd like to say that I was stupid when I was young, but evidence clearly suggests that the stupidity has actually not gone anywhere and persists in my day to day actions. A good, fairly recent example: I stood outside, overnight, waiting for a Wii console on launch day. It was also the first real day of winter. Actual snow fell. My friend John and I were grossly unprepared for that eventuality; our ...

    Updated 23 Jun 2010 at 07:50 AM by Mzo (Forgot about the camera AND THAT IS HUGE.)

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  13. My cousin and Facebook

    I have a cousin -I'll refer to her as Amy - who is a few years younger than myself (I'm currently 30, so I think she's 28) and is basically the second eldest person in the bracket of the family's generation; out of all siblings and cousins interrelated through my parents and their siblings, I'm the eldest, this cousin would be the second eldest, my sister behind her, and so on. This is the order which I grew up believing. However, about ten years ago, I came to discover that this wasn't the truth ...
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  14. Work laziness

    by , 21 Jun 2010 at 09:54 PM (The Rise and Fall of the Rude Owls)
    Being that i'm the only employee where i work, sometimes i'm the only person actually at work. On most days, i go about what i'm supposed to do, interspersed with Facebook time and email time, and sometimes playing vidya games time.
    There are also some days where work isn't particularly busy or i can't fill orders because of missing supplies, so i don't work as much and spend more time on doing things that aren't valuable at all. On these days, i reflect it by writing down "2 hour break" ...
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  15. Hello! This is my blog.

    Hi TNL! What's new?

    I guess I should talk about video games here. I like Lost Planet 2! It's good. I also like Mamono Sweeper. You should play it. You can do it here:
    You should do that.

    I'm kind of hungry so I'm going to stop doing this now.
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