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  1. My cousin and Facebook

    I have a cousin -I'll refer to her as Amy - who is a few years younger than myself (I'm currently 30, so I think she's 28) and is basically the second eldest person in the bracket of the family's generation; out of all siblings and cousins interrelated through my parents and their siblings, I'm the eldest, this cousin would be the second eldest, my sister behind her, and so on. This is the order which I grew up believing. However, about ten years ago, I came to discover that this wasn't the truth ...
    Tags: family
  2. Fathers Day cards are never accurate

    Have you ev er tried shopping for a Fathers Day card? They all say shit like "when I was little, you were always there for me, and supportive, and I love you so much!". It was pointed out to me today that most people want a card that says something like "Well, thanks for not having me aborted" or "That child support that you sometimes paid my mother was somewhat helpful!" or whatever. Very few people I know had a fantastic father, and even if their father was nice enough, ...

    Updated 21 Jun 2010 at 07:07 PM by Nick

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