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    I hear from ALOT of retards and old people who are like THERE ARE SO MANY BUTTONS ON THE CONTROLER AAAAAAAAAAAAA at work. The problem that I see from all these people is that they dont like games. THEY DONT LIKE GAMES. Making the waggle shit will entertain them for like two seconds. If they liked games then they would be satisfied with all that popcap shit.

    What they HAVE TO do is market the shit out of this if its going to sell. Make it seem like this is the thing to have. Apple made grandma want an Ipod. Microsoft needs to learn this. Oh and normal games will be leaving us for a while. They wont realy balance out things and make half waggle shit and half traditional games. And in the long run, there will still be only a couple of decent games overall. However theres definitely going to be a skew torwards bullshit.
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    I downloaded some trial game a few weeks back and deleted that shit super quick after the controller explanation screen came up with, like, a million commands. Fuck buttons.

    I also like Steel Battalion, so I don't know what to tell you.
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    Yeah, I tried to inaugurate the feature last night by sending a Canadian flag to cka, but it returned an error. I'll fix it and then you can draw me a picture.
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    Handwritten messages don't work yet! logo