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  1. kingoffighters's Avatar
    What is wrong with playing sports videogames? It can take just as much skill as playing SF or your fighting game du jour. I really hate TNL's stigma toward sports games. Some of the best times I have had over the past few years come from sports games (NHL series, MLB The Show, Pro Evo, etc) because this gen allows a higher fidelity and more accurate simulation of the sports.

    Aside from that, your post is cool.
  2. bahn's Avatar
    More posts pls!
  3. YellerDog's Avatar
    This was a really good read.
  4. Revoltor's Avatar
    I've been gathering material for the last couple of years. I'm excited.

    I love you guys <3
  5. Nick's Avatar
    Write more and I'll think about buying you a used Lynx. Write less and I'll buy you two.
  6. dog$'s Avatar
    I've yet to feel any iota of remorse for having sold any video game which I once owned.
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