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  2. Bacon McShig's Avatar
    Probably. I literally have no more knowledge of the series than that it had a cute robot girl, so, sorry, your "gotcha!" is denied.

    It was just a free anime thing I found when I was super into anime.
  3. Compass's Avatar
    To Heart? Isn't that "eroge"? lol, why am I not surprised...
  4. Bacon McShig's Avatar
    I had a little chibi Multi from To Heart that popped up on my screen and swept things away it was so kawaii desu
  5. Cowutopia's Avatar
    The internets have come a long way.
  6. Compass's Avatar
    I still only use CRTs for everything. Eventually I will "upgrade," probably to LED, but no way in hell I'd trade for most of the shitty LCDs people are so ignorantly proud of.
  7. Satsuki's Avatar
    I think when I was a teen, I had an Evangelion screensaver.
  8. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    I use a CRT HDTV. It kicks all of your asses.
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    Oooo're so close to me.
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  11. Vasteel's Avatar
    I still love my CRT.
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  13. Josh's Avatar
    Stop using a CRT you jerk.
  14. dog$'s Avatar
    I loved After Dark.

    Once upon a time I used a screen saver that was hidden on the Saturn version of Pocket Fighters. It had the cast dashing across the screen.

    Right now, to keep resource use low on my ancient machine, I have a makeshift screen saver - I have a 1 pixel by 1 pixel black dot saved as a jpg file and I use irfanview to display that image in full screen. It's nice to be able to toggle the blank screen on and off on a whim. Yes, I'm still using a CRT.
  15. Doc Holliday's Avatar
    As a teen, I too had a screensaver! I had a Sports Illustrated screensaver which featured models from the swimsuit issues! Only, I had a 16 color video card which made the ladies look like grey and orange pixelated monsters.

    I would still masturbate to the little green square nipple impressions left in swimsuits.

    Ah, to be twelve with a bottle of Suave Cocoa Butter lotion!
  16. Opaque's Avatar
    I don't think I've used a screen saver on my current computer ever.

    I suppose they stop meaning anything when you move on to LCD monitors.
  17. M's Avatar
    I am immediately jealous. I never found such a thing, but then again I had a bird whose cage was hung next to the house computer that would loudly scream and chirp to the music and then violently masturbate on one of his perches.

    Made listening to music hazardous, to say the least. logo