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  1. Undertale

    I played this demo a year ago when Finch posted about it, and I was interested. It sounded neat, and I was intrigued about how the game changes files and changed depending on how you played.

    As I mentioned on the completion thread, I finally played through it this weekend and I was extremely disappointed. I don't like to talk negatively about things I don't like because OPINIONS, and why would I try to dissuade people from trying something they may like, so I'll just spoiler and list ...
  2. Tomb Raider (2013)

    Played through this, and in general, my thoughts match most others here.

    The game is good. Played through once, 100%. I enjoyed exploring and picking up things. Most of the level design is very good. Like others have said, if you play through this again, you're doing it for no reason but you want to go through it again. Not necessarily a bad thing, but its against the norm these days.

    Story is kind of pathetic. The NPCs are pretty generic and obvious. It didn't bug ...
  3. Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii)

    I really didn't enjoy this game. I'll try to explain, but I've thought about it a lot of different ways and I don't think this is going to flow very well.

    A bunch of people on TNL had nothing but praise for this, especially compared to the DS game, which people seemed to like much less. Could be that I had too high hopes, but I really think its worse, by a lot.

    First, I think my TV lag is doing a serious number on my timing. Of course, RH is supposed to be all about ...

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  4. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

    Finished this a couple days ago, all achievements. All of the achievements in this game are single player, which is nice. The online in this game is just the Halo Reach MP stuck on the disc.

    Started this end of last year when Mzo was staying with me. He loves the first Halo game, which I blamed on nostalgia, so when we played through this (split screen coop) we argued about it a lot and I of course needed to play devil's advocate.

    In the end, its a good game. We beat ...
  5. Demon's Souls

    Demon's Souls, PS3- I turned this on Sept 2012 when I borrowed it from Mzo, and beat 2 bosses. Went back to it about a month ago after finally finding a decent looking used copy from GS. Finally finished it Saturday, all trophies.

    The game is obtuse. I think the devs kind of made a world, created this system of numbers, and then dropped everything into it. There are tons of ways to legitimately exploit the system. If you have enough souls for arrows, a thief ring, and a lot of time, ...

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  6. Rhythm Heaven DS

    Rhythm Heaven, DS- finished about a week ago, started maybe 2 weeks before that. Great game. Flicking in the game takes a bit getting used to. I think that when timing flicks, the game registers the lifting of the stylus as the 'press', so if you make a tiny 1 cm flick, it will be slightly faster than a long 2 inch flick.

    Perfected all songs. Had the worst time with the space soccer part of Remix 6, I believe. Soccer->Lockstep transition. I think Space soccer doesn't have a distinct ...
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