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You can rant, you can review, you can even keep a log of your in-game progress. We want to know.

  1. Ascendance to Ultrawide

    After months of fascination but procrastination, I got a deal on an ultrawide, 21:9 monitor that I could not refuse. These were the results from day one:

    Taito Eidos seems to be the preeminent Japanese publisher in support for 21:9, though that may be more due to their Eidos legacy than their Taito and less important ones.

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  2. Raging Hardware

    I've had my Twin Famicom for two days but do not yet have any games. This is due in part to the fact that I am having a hell of a time decided whether I have to have complete copies or will settle for loose carts. Since it couldn't play any games, I decided the console had modelling potential, and it was more than willing to show a little plastic.

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  3. Viva la 1980s!

    Several years ago I had decided that the best gaming decision for me was to have only physical games that came on discs and to buy cartridge based games as they became available on services such as Steam or the Nintendo's Virtual Console. In fact, I even cut off my beloved 16-bit era, despite the existence of the Sega CD and PC Engine CD. This strategy helped me to collect more games without taking up way more space. So I rocked along with a region free Saturn, twin Dreamcasts, twin PlayStation ... logo