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  1. Fe 26's Avatar
    FFT is pretty cool. I need to go back and finish it and FFTA

    I wish FFTA was all snow levels
  2. dave is ok's Avatar
    You should update this post after you play WoW with how stupid you were for playing FFXI.

    And then after that, on how stupid you were for playing WoW.
  3. YellerDog's Avatar
    I played a lot of some Dogz 1 demo back upon a time, I think it was on a three and a half disc. I really liked it! Ton of personality.
  4. M's Avatar
    Serious ex #2 plays. Awkward....

    Also, it looks cartoonie.
  5. Cowutopia's Avatar
    how have you not played WoW?
  6. Geen's Avatar
    You have the best attitude and mindset for being a gamer - find what you like and enjoy every second of it. I think too many of us other gamers forget that simple pleasure.
  7. Compass's Avatar
    "I like the stars you get above their head when you master a job."

    I'm way into little things like this. Some developers consistently get them right. So many don't.
  8. Compass's Avatar
    "Often I'll type out a post only to delete it with a self deprecating shake of the head."

    Aww. Cute.
  9. PaCrappa's Avatar
    I'm with Shakey. You got opinions and you're not quiet about them. If you've changed, I blame California.

    Also: For days at the top of the main forum page I would see the latest post as:

    Metroid: The Other

    So it looked like you were posting constantly in one thread. And I would think "dang they must be playin hecka Metroid down in Cali these days". And then I realized the name of the game is "Metroid: Other M". It felt real good to know I was so out of touch with videogames
    Updated 30 Aug 2010 at 01:19 PM by PaCrappa
  10. kedawa's Avatar
    Do you have an opinion on this?

  11. YellerDog's Avatar
    Jesus M. Talk talk talk. All the time.
  12. 's Avatar
    What the Canadian is politely trying to say is

    □ TITS
    □ GTFO

  13. Drewbacca's Avatar
    If you don't feel comfortable expressing yourself and just like to read then just do that. There's no point or pressure to change yourself in to something you aren't.

    Get yours any way you can. If that means lurking more than posting so be it. Fuck the rest.
  14. Opaque's Avatar
    I feel proud that I recently coaxed you out of lurking to post.
  15. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    I've wondered where you disappeared to. I just put it on you having a b/f now.
  16. Cowutopia's Avatar
  17. dave is ok's Avatar
    You can call me a fucking idiot whenever you want.

    (and probably have at some point)
  18. Shakey's Avatar
    I don't really get this. I've heard plenty of your opinions.
  19. Changeling's Avatar
    You are thinking too hard for this board. Just let shit fly and have fun. logo