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  1. epmode's Avatar
    Oh man Mzo, are achievements really worth the borked iMuse stuff (oh god I love iMuse) in the 360 version of MI2? There's even a Full Throttle-style interface in the PC version. Pretty great.

    Anyway. As far as I can tell, the timing is spot-on for both remakes. CPU timing has never been a problem in SCUMM games (Grim Fandango has a timing issue but it's not SCUMM). It's harder to do some of the puzzles because of the interface differences but that's more of an issue in MI1.

    And for anyone keeping score, MI2 is a massively improved remake over the first one. Get it for sure.
  2. Geen's Avatar
    Love your review. I bought this on Wii, played it for an hour, hated the lack of camera controls and the shitty motion controls, sold it to Redeye for (I think) the same price that I paid for it, bought it for GC, placed it on the shelf for nearly four years. Much like too many other games, I should remedy that.
  3. Geen's Avatar
    I really dug collecting the green stars. Course, as you stated while we worked at EB, I probably also like vaseline on toast, so there you go.

    That quote from Game Informer is unbelievable, though. I do think there were some spots in the game that were tricky, but nothing a few playthroughs wouldn't solve. I think the longest I was stuck on a star was, maybe, 30 minutes? And those were usually ones were you had to do it exactly right (like collecting the purple coins on the slide) rather than the majority that were pretty safe.

    Also, I hated the map system, too, but considering the increased number of worlds over the first Mario Galaxy, a hub world would have been a complete mess. If anything, keep the map but get rid of the concept of running around the Mario spaceship. But, I'm just nitpicking at this point.
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  4. Geen's Avatar
    I really need to play and finish this.
    I think the pikmin turning into little angel spirits is what makes people really upset.
  5. Cowutopia's Avatar
    I think I got through the whole game losing zero pikmin until the last fight and then I was just like oh fuck it.

    And by losing zero pikmin I mean I replayed shit if I died. The first time I walked across some water and lost ALL of my red pikmin I seriously freaked the fuck out and cried a little. I was like oh my god no little pikmin it's ok! I can help you out! Please god let me get you out of the water omg...and then they all drowned because I realized what was happening too late. God it sucked!
  6. Fe 26's Avatar
    Mzo writes the best blogs
  7. GohanX's Avatar
    I've never played a Pikmin game. Mzo has made me interested.
  8. Rated E's Avatar
    I enjoyed this game, and felt HORRIBLE if any of my pikmin died. =(
  9. Compass's Avatar
    I'm totally the type of person to be turned off by the time limit, but once I played the game, I actually liked how it forced me to be efficient. You actually had to plan out what you wanted to get done that day instead of just winging it (or at least the time limit made you think you did, and I wasn't about to test it). Well, I have to get this many parts in this many days, so I need to be averaging so-and-so parts a day. Then, when you got a bunch of parts in one day, it was like, phew! Now, I can relax a little.

    That said, I definitely don't want that kind of pressure (real or not) in most of my games. It was nice for a change, though.
  10. kingoffighters's Avatar
    You inspired me to open my copy of Wii Pikmin. Maybe.
  11. NeoZeedeater's Avatar
    I love both Pikmin games. Number 2 is my top 10-20 games ever. I feel calling them "RTS-lites" can give people the impression that they're just dumbed down versions of existing RTS games, though. They're really more a mix of genres, especially part 2 which has a large dungeon crawl aspect to it. I agree that the time limit complaints for Pikmin 1 are stupid. You would have to suck pretty bad to be screwed over by it. It's sad Nintendo gave into those complaints and removed it for the Wii port.
  12. YellerDog's Avatar

    Everybody likes the sequel more, but it's got a lot of fairly questionable sponsorship ad nonsense going on.
  13. Mzo's Avatar
    I saw the bathtub thing like at 3 in the morning and it was super scary. Luckily, everything got pretty silly pretty quick so nothing made me poop my pants after that.
  14. Geen's Avatar
    I only played through this game once, but I really dug it as well. If I'm ever bored and have some money to burn I'd be interested in playing through it again.
  15. dave is ok's Avatar
    The bathtub scared the shit out of me
  16. NeoZeedeater's Avatar
    I remember thinking this game was way overhyped and mediocre. I'll probably give it another try some day, though.
  17. Compass's Avatar
    Great game. Sanity Effects were such a cool idea and they consistently surprised and delighted me even when I knew what was happening.
  18. dave is ok's Avatar
    I think I picked the wrong color because the pacing sucked when I played it. I quit about halfway through
  19. MechDeus's Avatar
    They really needed to make the sanity meter totally hidden, and probably restricted it more. Considering that it was the fourth wall sanity effect that was supposed to reflect the character's feelings onto the player, it was way too easy to maintain a full meter for the entire game. Still awesome.
  20. Dyne's Avatar
    Never really saw the hoopla surrounding this one. Played it at release and more recently last year. Didn't finish it either time.
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