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    Quote Originally Posted by Finch
    I like that answer.
    She's got spunk. Keep her ... waste the dude.
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    I like how she posts the quote below her response.

    So ... noobish.
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    Why does she think he asked?
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    I like that answer.
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    From what i know.. Dogs don't talk they bark.
    So i am sorry i don't know what you trying to wuff wuff!

    Quote Originally Posted by dog$
    Here's how TNL works:

    1) You post garbage like you have done.
    2) We tell you to shut the fuck up.

    Shut the fuck up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon
    Don't post blogs. Post in threads. I meant you can post blogs eventually but you should have some posts to your names first.
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    why don't you go fuck uorself.
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    It's not like I Veronica Mars'd this shit (VIEW IT ON NETFLIX INSTANT WATCH ON YOUR 360). I was told.
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    i can unwrap it to you (exactly who i am) for 50 50 partnership

    Quote Originally Posted by Chux
    I know who it is. I'm holding the secret ransom for 40 billion dollars.
  10. its me's Avatar
    Not big enough to reveal the secret ????
    Updated 29 Jul 2010 at 12:27 AM by its me
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    how about a dick in your mouf?
  12. Chux's Avatar
    $5 paypal.
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    That is too much.
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    Tits or GTFO
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    I know who it is. I'm holding the secret ransom for 40 billion dollars.
  16. haohmaru's Avatar
    Who the fuck cares? Shut up. @ its me
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    racism is prejudice towards racing games
  18. Opaque's Avatar
    Pretty sure you have no idea what racism is.
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    Too dumb for biff. Lets be real.
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    Maurizio is a meanie. His potty mouth belies his heart.
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