• Miserable Podcast of Secrets 4

        "I Like To Use the Word 'Janky'"

        We focus on Blizzard this week, especially its big-three franchises. Take a look at some of the discussion topics and get your copy of the podcast below.

        • Mzo's profanity pledge
        • Chux on a space gondola with Romana
        • Broken promises, busted arcades, Tarzan speak
        • Let TNL fill your stockings
        • World of Warcraft and commitment
        • MMOs need time to cook
        • Mists of Pandaria and the look of your gear
        • The future of WoW and Project Titan
        • The evolution of the Warcraft games
        • Diablo's influence and addictiveness
        • Did Diablo II spoil the formula?
        • Who's updated his PSO's hunter's license?
        • Diablo III's always-online $cheme
        • Spending real money for online swag (PC and Xbox Live)
        • The promise of StarCraft
        • How similar are Blizzard's big three?
        • Playing with strangers
        • Warcraft III's melding of RTS and RPG elements
        • The jaw-dropping CGI in Diablo II and Warcraft III
        • StarCraft II: "it's a game"
        • Nick defends classic games from a hysterical noob [Athena mention]
        • All we want for Christmas is to be laid off (with extra heavy breathing!)
        • Super Mario 3D Land design and challenge
        • Shinobi 3DS: not just "Sega good"
        • One man takes a stand for Otomedius Excellent, sounds like Emo Philips
        • Dark Souls teaches people to accept death
        • Jumping and momentum in Mario handheld games
        • Mario as Leatherface in Super Tanooki Skin 2D
        • 3D settings on the 3DS
        • Zelda and "hot ass" in the same sentence is not a compliment
        • We're starting to think Zelda needs voice acting
        • PoP needs TLC
        • Sly Cooper brings folks together, Oto X rips them apart again
        • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, like lobster stuffed with tacos
        • How to annoy NPCs and yourself in Assassin's Creed: Revelations
        • Bears in Skyrim are terrifying
        • Did WWE '12 kill Nick's Xbox?
        • The heartless evil of Xbox power supplies

        On the way:
        • Better noise reduction
        • Intro/outro music
        • iTunes link
        • The lost episodes

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        Miserable Podcast of Secrets - Episode 4.

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        1. dave is ok's Avatar
          dave is ok -
          Sleeve's Borg joke at about 15 minutes wins 'Bomb of the Week'
        1. Finch's Avatar
          Finch -
          i am looking forward to listening to this
        1. Chux's Avatar
          Chux -
          Congrats on 4 shows in the can folks. Lets call it a day.
        1. Pineapple's Avatar
          Pineapple -
        1. Korian's Avatar
          Korian -
          Can I help write some jokes for you guys? Can I be on a future Podcast?
        1. FirstBlood's Avatar
          FirstBlood -
          Ending with HotD quotes, A+
        1. Finch's Avatar
          Finch -
          I would like an episode with Korian, even if it's just for a few minutes. Just for a few minutes.
        1. Korian's Avatar
          Korian -
          Thanks Finch, I'd love to be on the modcast even for 30 seconds.
        1. Chux's Avatar
          Chux -
          Clever girl... Mzo's not a mod anymore.
        1. Korian's Avatar
          Korian -
          I know I asked him, but he's one of the boys.
        1. Korian's Avatar
          Korian -
          How do I express my mind on SOPA on the Podcast?
        1. Josh's Avatar
          Josh -
          Shut up Korian. Nobody is taking your troll-bait on my watch.
        1. bbobb's Avatar
          bbobb -
          You just did.
        1. Josh's Avatar
          Josh -
        1. Korian's Avatar
          Korian -
          Chuck said anyone can express their opinion.
        1. Anal Kaboom's Avatar
          Anal Kaboom -
          Hey Nick would it be too much to ask for a link that works in Tapatalk...or at least one that goes off the site? Every time I try to go to TNL's site through Firefox it redirects me to Tapatalk :/
        1. Nick's Avatar
          Nick -
          A link to what? The podcast? Well, it'll be on iTunes next week. Did you try using the existing RSS feed in a reader?
        1. Anal Kaboom's Avatar
          Anal Kaboom -
          Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
          A link to what? The podcast? Well, it'll be on iTunes next week. Did you try using the existing RSS feed in a reader?
          There's an RSS feed for the podcast?
        1. Nick's Avatar
          Nick -
          Yes, it's right there at the bottom of the first post, clearly labeled: http://www.the-nextlevel.com/podcast/mpos.xml.
        1. Anal Kaboom's Avatar
          Anal Kaboom -
          I can't do anything with that on my phone homie.
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