• Miserable Podcast of Secrets 5

        "Some of the Best Days of Our Lives"

        Looking back at some of the game-changing titles in history (inspired by Frogacuda's forum thread) and twenty-five years of The Legend of Zelda causes some of us to face up to secrets we have long struggled with. You know how it was revealed in X-Men that Mr. Sinister has been manipulating Cyclops since he was a child? Well, even if you don't, you just may find out that sleeve lied to you . . . ten years before you ever got on the Internet!

        In addition to our true confessions, there is a lot more to listen to on this landmark fifth installment. Here's a list of some items of interest:
        • We make a grab for the 90s hip-hop audience
        • The return of the TNL arcade
        • The "I'm Staring at the Future of Gaming" thread
        • Seeing Quake in a cofee shop
        • U R Not [Bloody] e
        • How did Battle Arena Toshinden fool so many?
        • Spinning arcade cabinets in the New West
        • The original Prince of Persia - no, the really old one
        • Bootlegs and screen resolution in the early PC days
        • The 3D revolution with Super Mario 64 and Tomb Raider
        • Super Mario Bros. (the Athena precursor) on a black-and-white TV = mind-blowing
        • Lunar almost destroys someone's future?
        • Shenmue and Grand Theft Auto III open new worlds
        • Early forays into online console gaming, including Phantasy Star Online
        • Sega Channel - the future of gaming in caveman days
        • The impact of the original Legend of Zelda on young minds
        • Eric and The Nintendo Fun Club News grow in fame via deception
        • Going straight to the second quest in Zelda
        • Nintendo will sue you into poverty, but always with a friendly smile
        • Mario shoots barrels(?!), Link thrives on the edge
        • "In [Hyrule], everbody's gotta watch everybody else"
        • Zelda: Link's Awakening - the fishing barrier
        • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - love/hate
        • The Zelda timeline - inbreeding and confusion
        • Link to the Past - one of the best games of all time
        • Why you should never use Zelda GPS
        • Ocarina of Time - darker or drabber?
        • The many faces of Ganon
        • Majora's Mask - formula breaker
        • A plea for less rock bombing
        • Wind Waker does it right, but some didn't know it at the time
        • Twilight Princess, why are you here?
        • Let's take Miyamoto to a strip club!
        • Are Okami and Twilight Princess related?
        • Skyward Sword feels right, but the manual is just annoying
        • Sometimes a pouch is just a pouch (plus, crazy psycho girlfriend eyes)
        • "Hogwarts mixed with Avatar"
        • Nobody dies in 80s action
        • Comparing and contrasting the Uncharted games
        • The flawed heroism of Nathan Drake and Indiana Jones
        • Combat and the unique online multiplayer in Dark Souls
        • Monster Hunter Tri smash puny friend codes!
        • "Hey hey, my my; [Rock Band 3] will never die"
        • Corrupted by the young on Xbox Live
        • Athena's new game, King of Fighters XIII, explained
        • Chuck decimates his own team in Battlefield 3
        • More Skyrim scumbaggery
        • The engaging multiplayer in Assassin's Creed: Revelations
        • Spies versus mercs quirks
        Next week: we discuss the Stop Online Piracy Act. Coming soon: our resident expert will be bahn.

        Leave your comments here or at (312) 233-2865. Selected calls may be played on future podcasts.

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        Miserable Podcast of Secrets - Episode 5.

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        1. Nick's Avatar
          Nick -
          What's awkward?
        1. dave is ok's Avatar
          dave is ok -
          It's a little too laid back, but I wouldn't call it awkward.


        1. Mzo's Avatar
          Mzo -
          If we wanted it to be about Zelda we didn't need the future of gaming segment at the start. That's part of why it went on for so long.
        1. Josh's Avatar
          Josh -
          Content editor needed. If it goes that long, break it into parts. Upload part one on Monday, and part two on Thursday.

          Many podcasts do this.
        1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
          Razor Ramon -
          Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
          I like how a certain poster was called out. I don't think he listens either.
          Was it me?
        1. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
          Some Stupid Japanese Name -
          It was!
        1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
          Razor Ramon -
          Ugh, now I want to hear it. Have a timestamp?
        1. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
          Some Stupid Japanese Name -
          Somewhere in the middle, give or take a half hour.
        1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
          Razor Ramon -
          I'm not sure if you're being serious or not.
        1. Josh's Avatar
          Josh -
          He is.
        1. Anal Kaboom's Avatar
          Anal Kaboom -
          Downloading now. I enjoyed the last one good job guys. My only critique us the audio levels on everyones voices were a little off, granted I haven't heard this new episode yet. So take that with a grain of salt...or just ignore me all together lol.
        1. Korian's Avatar
          Korian -
          Would a piece on Eminem and the current state of rap be ok?
        1. Anal Kaboom's Avatar
          Anal Kaboom -
          What are you talking about?
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