• PlayStation Facts (PS 15th Anniversary)

        Growing up with PlayStation

        Fifteen years to the day after the original PlayStation launched (and eleven years to the day after the Dreamcast started its walk toward the cliff), SCEA has released a couple of interesting charts celebrating the platform and its users.

        What did we learn? Well, one of the facts sound dubious: would 60% of PlayStation enthusiasts really give up their cell phone for a year instead of video games? Another sounds like it's misleadingly worded: do half of PS3 owners really own ten or more PS3 games, or is it a count of all games across systems?

        But it is interesting that three out of five have played a PS3 game for at least six hours and two out of five see their partner's views on gaming as critical to the relationship.

        The other graphic traces the progression of the PlayStation brand from the 1995 North American launch to the present day. Both images are presented here for your edification (click to view full size).

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