• SF IV DLC Costumes Revealed

        Capcom shows some flair, but flair for what?

        From producer Yoshinori Ono's Twitter page come these images of new Street Fighter IV downloadable costumes for some of the series' most popular characters.

        There's no guarantee these are exactly like the final products, but you can be sure however they end up looking, they will sell like mad.

        Click each image to enlarge it.

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        1. mollipen's Avatar
          mollipen -
          That Sakura outfit = greatest thing to ever happen to Street Fighter!
        1. Nick's Avatar
          Nick -
          Did you see the Cammy costume? I neglected to include it earlier.
        1. bahn's Avatar
          bahn -
          That Cammy outfit makes me want to poke m eyes out. Fugly.
        1. A Robot Bit Me's Avatar
          A Robot Bit Me -
          Ja Ryu is straight fuckin' gangsta.
        1. Thief Silver's Avatar
          Thief Silver -
          Juri looks ok... hopefully it doesn't translate horribly.
        1. Mzo's Avatar
          Mzo -
          I'm still not paying for this.
        1. Anthony's Avatar
          Anthony -
          I would have paid for a Sakura outfit with pants.
        1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
          Razor Ramon -
          I don't even know why people give a fuck about this.
        1. Josh's Avatar
          Josh -
          Empty lives?
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