• Sega Titles for 99 Cents on iTunes

        Super Monkey Ball heart.

        Spend Valentine's with a Sega menagerie.

        Whether you plan on giving them as gifts to your sweetie or you end up using them as a distraction to take away the pain of another dateless romantic holiday, you should be interested to know that there are a slew of Sega classics on sale this next week. Some of them even have a multiplayer option, if you're a big-time Casanova.

        These are all for the Apple mind-control devices, so head over to the iTunes Store and search for "Sega" or the specific title(s) you want. How can you go wrong? (Please, please don't answer that.)

        $0.99 Titles
        Altered Beast
        ChuChu Rocket
        ChuChu Rocket HD (iPad)
        Ecco the Dolphin
        Golden Axe
        Gunstar Heroes
        Phantasy Star II
        Shining Force
        Shinobi III
        Super Monkey Ball 1
        Super Monkey Ball 2
        Super Monkey Ball 2 Sakura Edition (iPad)
        Sonic Spinball
        Streets of Rage
        Virtua Fighter 2

        $2.99 Sonic Titles
        Sonic the Hedgehog 1
        Sonic the Hedgehog 2
        Sonic 4 Episode 1
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