• Magicka Boxed Edition and Free Soundtrack Available

        And there's a "surprise" coming.

        Following closely on its stunning and well-deserved success on Steam, Magicka is becoming available for sale in retail stores. It's out now in the United Kingdom and France, and it's scheduled to be rolled out to other countries in the weeks to come. Also, publisher Paradox Interactive is promising some sort of Magicka surprise at this year's Game Developers Conference (February 28 through March 4).

        If you need more wild wizardry A.S.A.P., head over to Magicka's official music page and download any or all of twenty-six tracks that will make your dull job or schoolwork seem like part of a late-night orc busting party.

        If you want to learn more about the game, read our Magicka review.

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