• Chinatown Fair's Return Coming (Very) Soon?

        Won't be long now.

        The second generation of Chinatown Fair could end up opening much sooner than expected, according to a new update from Henry Cen.

        The post reads, "No trolling, moving in stuff asap," and is accompanied by an image of Cen standing in a room, hands proudly spread open. Could this be the new location? Delighted by the informal announcement, followers of his page have already begun offering assistance in whatever manner they can.

        Henry also notes that (much to my surprise) Brooklyn has a small "Chinatown" community of its own. This news definitely will make the transition easier to accept. I don't think I could deal with the arcade being referred to as "Williamsburg Fair."

        Update: Henry has just recently updated his Facebook page to indicate the building in which he's standing in is NOT the new location for the arcade, but is being reserved for a new store he's opening. Say what?
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