• Introducing . . . The Next Level?

        Here comes a new challenger!

        Several days ago, Henry gave us a glimpse of what reportedly was assumed to be the new location for the second coming of Chinatown Fair. He later followed up his Facebook post to state that this wasn't the location for CF at all. Some of us just assumed he was trolling in an Ono-like fashion and decided to take his words with a grain of salt.

        So is Chinatown Fair officially back? Read on.

        Update: I just recently spoke with Akuma Hokoru and Henry today and as it turns out, the location featured in the footage below REALLY isn't the new "CF" at all. It's a new business being built from the ground up and independently managed by Henry Cen. It has no direct connection to the original Chinatown Fair, founded by Samuel Palmer.

        On that note, Cen has opted to come up with a new name to distinguish the arcade... a name which will certainly be very dear to my heart: The Next Level. (It would amuse me if the new CF location was called "GotNext".)

        Now, if you've been paying attention, then you should have figured out that New York may end up with two arcades: The Next Level and the original CF. Details of when Sam's now defunct arcade will reopen for business (not to mention where in NY it will reside remain up in the air. So far, chances seem very slim and unlikely)

        For now, we can take pleasure in knowing that Henry will keep the dream alive, as he pledged in the footage recorded by FrameAdvantage.com. By now, you've probably got the intel on TNL's arcade location in Brooklyn, NY, recently revealed on Eventhubs.com. If you've been salivating to get another crack at Super SF4: AE in person, sit tight for a little longer as Henry's business isn't open to the public yet. As you'll see in the video, the location is still under construction and final details are underway.

        I am really looking forward to TNL's completion and will personally be dropping by to see my old arcade crew soon.

        Special thanks to Adrian "Atrain" Valdez for the heads up.
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