• GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win $20, Support the Arts

        Hyundai, Facebook, and you.

        Play the Compact HypeBlaster game and help Hyundai destroy the Compact Conspiracy. The game is an homage to Space Invaders that, besides giving you something to do, can win you a crisp new $20 Amazon gift card. Play the game and leave a comment under this post and you'll be entered to win the prize, brought to you by Media Needle, Inc.. A random drawing will be held on March 18, 2011, among all eligible entrants.

        Hyundai has also set up the first-ever faux Facebook cause, Cure Compact Crampomitosis. The CCC is obviously a joke charity, but if you join the cause on Facebook, Hyundai will actually donate $0.50 to Americans for the Arts, a worthy non-profit organization.

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        1. Pineapple's Avatar
          Pineapple -
          I only got to level 4, those things move down too darn fast.
        1. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
          Some Stupid Japanese Name -
          wave 6 started, game over. would have liked to be able to see my ending score.
        1. Josh's Avatar
          Josh -
          Played. Posted.
        1. kuro's Avatar
          kuro -
          I think I got to around 4000, don't even remember the wave I was on.
        1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
          Razor Ramon -
          I think my job blocks me from being awesome at this game.
        1. NGEFreek's Avatar
          NGEFreek -
          Level 4 here as well.
        1. Nick's Avatar
          Nick -
          SSJN wins. But he's banned for a month, so he probably won't see the PM for a spell.

          Oh well, Amazon will wait for him. Thanks everyone.
        1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
          Razor Ramon -
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