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        Players within the fighting game community are clamoring for Team Spooky, a popular online video game broadcast service, to be the designated streamer at this year's Evolution 2011 tournament. In case you're out of touch with the latest fighting game pop culture, please read some Team Spooky background to get up to speed before moving on to the rest of article.

        You have to admire the level of dedication and quality creator Victor Fontanez (or "Spooky", as he's known in the community) has delivered, simply due to the fact that it's a one-man operation. Literally. Over the past two years, Spooky has broadcast several large-scale tournament events - the most notable credits under his belt include Season's Beatings and NEC XI. Now, in 2011, Spooky isn't showing any signs of slowing down, as he made the trek to stream GVN Winter Brawl and Final Round 14, respectively held in Philadelphia and Atlanta, GA.

        Yes, he's even been to Canada. Make no mistake, Team Spooky is an equal-opportunity broadcaster.

        One would imagine he has the luxury of his operations being financed by a sponsor. Things are certainly looking up for Spooky, who recently joined forces with iPlayWinner in November 2010. For the moment, financial support is funded primarily through the generous donations of his fan base, reaching numbers well into 90,000 viewers. Okay, a lot of those are "stream monsters," but rest assured, he has a lot of supporters.

        So that's where you come in. If you're an avid fan, he needs your support - now more than ever. Simply visit the link below and sign the petition so we can get the right man for the job.

        Click here to support Team Spooky for Evo.
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        1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
          Razor Ramon -
          Wiz has a tight asshole when it comes to giving anyone even an inch for this event. He's trying to grab any penny he can and tries to make sure he's the only one who makes out paid. You know the man so you know that's just how he is.

          I can't blame him, either. For years he, Ponder, and Inkblot have been paying out the ass for the tournaments. Anyway, Sp00ky's streams are the shit. I'd love for him to take control since it 's better to have some dude independent from running the tournament taking care of the stream.
        1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
          Razor Ramon -
          He'll also have some tough competition if G4 wants to stream the tournament again. Honestly, G4 would be the better option because they get a wide audience. Just sayin'.
        1. bahn's Avatar
          bahn -
          Yeah... when it comes to exposure -- I would have to agree G4 can definitely pull in bigger numbers. However, Spooky has done well for attracting an exceptional fanbase over the past 2 years.

          It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
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