• SSFIV Gets Kinected

        A new way to smack people down.

        The folks over at KinectHacks recently posted a video featuring Super SFIV being played with the Kinect peripheral. It's an interesting glimpse into what could potentially into a new avenue for Capcom and players looking to get an active workout.

        Check it out...

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        1. Josh's Avatar
          Josh -
          This is, maybe, the dumbest shit ever?
        1. YellerDog's Avatar
          YellerDog -
          Pretty much.
        1. Pineapple's Avatar
          Pineapple -
          There's just no way that will ever work the way people who want it to work think it should. I think.
        1. Korly's Avatar
          Korly -
          That reminds me of trying to play Super Mario Brothers with the power glove.
        1. Timber's Avatar
          Timber -
          Sega Activator 2.0 IMO
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