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        By Valerie Hilgenfeldt

        While some of the folks over at Cheap Ass Gamer managed to enjoy this deal before its specified start date, Telltale Games' 7th Anniversary Sale officially begins today. It's running till June 30th, which is plenty of time for you to stop making excuses and finally purchase any of their episodic titles you've been neglecting (well, almost any their newest products, like Back to the Future, are exempt from the special).

        Here on TNL, we've enthusiastically covered a number of their releases, such as Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse and Tales of Monkey Island, both of which are participants in Telltale's sale. Their inclusion isn't noted on the product pages themselves, but once you've plopped them in your shopping cart, the discount is applied and you're good to go. One particularly great deal is the Sam & Max Complete Collection, which was already on sale for $49.99; its cost comes down to $12.50 when everything's said and done.

        Since we're sure your tremendous backlogs won't mind a little more padding, go ahead and check it out.
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        1. Frogacuda's Avatar
          Frogacuda -
          Anyone who hasn't gotten Surfin' the Highway, this is your chance. Even if you're not into the games, those are some of my favorite comics ever.
        1. GohanX's Avatar
          GohanX -
          Sam and Max complete collection for $12.50. Nice!
        1. YellerDog's Avatar
          YellerDog -
          I can totally vouch for Surfin' the Highway. So, so good.
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