• Wii Were Next, But Not Really

        Nintendo Was Sort of Hacked
        By Valerie Hilgenfeldt

        Given Sony's embarrassing security woes (which resulted in the theft and leakage of over 100,000,000 users' account data), everyone knew it wouldn't be long till another major game company was targeted. Unsurprisingly, the “hacktivists” known as LulzSec went after what some people would assume to be the weakest link, Nintendo, and... well, they really didn't do much of anything at all.

        According to their Twitter feed, this anti-climactic attack was deliberately gentle, as they're fans of Nintendo and SEGA. While I can't blame them for the latter fascination (and I'll confess, I'm partial to the first, too), I can openly doubt that Nintendo will reply to their inquiry – specifically, “If you're listening Nintendo/Sega, you, you uh... you want Sony hacked more?” – or otherwise pay them any mind.

        Naturally, the rumor mill implies that Microsoft will be their next target. Insert as many jokes here about Windows security as you will, but when you're through, let's be honest: if any one of the three companies is going to have a respectable amount of hacker-deterring experience, it's going to be Microsoft. Chances are they're not only used to 'round the clock attacks, but have already ramped up security in anticipation of someone trying to storm their fortress, too.

        Now, if they're electronically infiltrated nonetheless, that will be a hacking worth writing about.
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          Finch -
          LulzSec is the cutest group of internet bad guys ever.
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