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  1. Hi No One.
  2. I also like that it's the chick's fault she doesn't get off, because SHE'S the one bad at sex.
  3. Thanks, SSJN. It was a good one!
  4. Happy birthday!
  5. It hasn't been powered on in a LONG time. But as soon as I beat SAO on Vita, Persona in next in the Q. (See what I did there? Such a clever fellow I am.)
  6. Hay SSJN, I don't know how often you're on your 3DS, but I'd be appreciative if you'd add me! My code is 0318-9445-1720.
  7. Plz come back SSJN. ;_;
  8. Totally forgot that was today until I logged in here. :P You saved me some awkward exchanges with family later. Thank you!
  9. Happy birthday!
  10. A character from the Amagami games/anime. Her voice actress plays Blanc/White Heart in the Neptunia games. Both franchises share certain themes...

  11. Who is Miya Tachibana?
  12. We are having a disagreement in the ass thread over which poster's lameness caused you to come out of lurk mode. Would you be so kind as to remind us?
  13. Happy birthday SSJN!
  14. I feel bad about soccer. Terrible, in fact.
  15. What are your feelings
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