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  1. lol. I really can't wait for TDK.

    I will see Wall*E.
  2. Y so srs?
  3. B-Ri didn't show up, cause he got Coldplay tickets. LOL.
  4. we had it at barcade, me and dole had 2. FUCK YES! ME AND HIM HELD OUR SHIT DOWN!

    God I miss NYC already.
  5. damn, i should have had an irish car bomb... for old time's sake
  6. I was so drunk at Barcade: 2 irish car bombs, 2 jacks on the rocks, a beer, and 4 jack and cokes.
  7. I know, but that is something I am so hard on myself about. And when someone else points it out. I feel shitty and then depressed.

    PLus, I have the hots for animegirl.
  8. I was just being silly in that thread - I didn't mean it
  9. hey. sad. want to go back. sad that i feel like a pos cause im a creepy guy.
  10. YO.
  11. hi!
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