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  1. Oui. I like when she laughs.
  2. Porn

  3. Ya got one, too! Yes, we will have to compare notes once they are in our grubby mitts. (I heard gilt can take 4ever to ship, though.)

    Avy is from Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! which apparently translates to Regardless of My Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur, I Want a Date! We talk about it a bit in the Anime Spring 2012 thread.
  4. Btw, yeah those pink/white 3DS bundles are already gone. I don't know if they will appear somewhere else but I'm glad I grabbed one when I did.
  5. Compassu, what's your avatar right now?
  6. A music video from the '60s? What sorcery is this.

    But yes, I did indeed. Cute mannerisms can be found in the head movements in particular. Good eye.

    ::tips hat::
  7. I wonder if you find some of young France Gall's mannerisms cute in this video? I dunno, I did and thought I'd share.

  8. Ha. There's avy material for sure.
  9. Oh, snap! Well, great minds and all that.
  10. Haha...and THAT one use to be the image for p'n's back when I wasn't sure what to do with it, and thought a pink psp might be a good representation. XD
  11. It's a popular image for "kirino" in google, so I don't doubt your story. I've gotten territorial over avatar images before, but perhaps she suits you more...she's definitely more "spicy" than I am.
  12. 4real? That's spooky. I swear I didn't steal it. I've never used Twitter (although I'm sure there's a link or something from p'n's, where I could've seen).

    I went hunting for Kirino pictures last night for new desktop wallpaper and found that one, then smallened it for my avy.

    Don't worry, I would doubt my story, too!
  13. Your current avatar is my twitter avatar. :O It's one of my favorites. ^_^
  14. Ha, I agree. That's why I chose it. I don't particularly love the character. It was just a random frame of Karen-chan from the last episode of Nisemonogatari. I paused and said, "Yes!"[edit]: Actually, I think it's Tsukihi (just looked up the name). I get the sisters mixed up.
  15. What is your new avatar from? The character seems to suit you.
  16. Now lets see which of us owns the most items in that picture. I have a few.
  17. Damn, I think I would have had a fit if I saw that. I get ridiculously jealous over stuff I don't have BUT SHOULD HAVE.
  18. I saw a pink car with a Hello Kitty sticker and a license plate that said: CHICKNS
  19. It could be true...
  20. Compass, what Finch is saying isn't true, right? He is just a big liar, RIGHT?
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