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  1. I love hearing things like that.
  2. Anytime I need a quick pick me up, I check this page. Always front-loaded with adorable stuff!
  3. Fragile's really pretty, really lonely, and so far, more fun in exploring than beating stuff up. I'd recommend it if you already dig its style, Miyazaki movies (has that vibe), or just looking for a not-so-scary Silent Hill.
  4. How mysterious!

    Good to see you back!
  5. Thank you. ^.^ But I can't say I didn't know I was playing with fire. >_>
  6. Banned? You're the least offensive person who posts on a normal basis. This makes no sense.
  7. Happy birfday!
  8. No worries! Thanks for the add too! Cool to see so many new(ish?) people on TNL!
  9. I'm so rude, I never said HI back! I befriended you, so hopefully that will make up for it.
  10. wow, look at all the pink.

    Also: hi!
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