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  1. you totally started it
  2. thats so not true
  3. NO! i blame you for being the one that is so far away!!
  4. your fault for being so far away!
  5. i blame it on you for not coming to get me, haha
  6. ......but i get to do anything i want
  7. deal
  8. let me specify....when i say invite me i mean buy me a plane ticket
  9. you are always invited!
  10. I know just the game too
  11. sounds like a good idea to me
  12. i think I'm gonna need to see to be sure....
  13. not for me cause mine are awesome
  14. is that a bad thing?
  15. thanks!
  16. out of respect for myself and my roommates the rest of the photos will not go on TNL. but there might be one or two i might be willing to email.
  17. all of them of course
  18. so which pic did you like the most?
  19. you need to come claim these dibbs!!
  20. but Shin copied me first
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