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  1. That's a mouse! I'm way more partial to rats :3
  2. Happy birthday

    Happy birthday

    dun nun dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuuun
  3. Hi Nomi! How are you?
  4. but i will tell you i will kill flies without remorse and i have a deathly fear of bed bugs and would do the same for them.
  5. Nommie, i am glad that you have respect for rats. People with respect for animals are good people.
  6. Nommi, Thief keeps saying mean things about you. I keep telling him to stop, but he won't.
  7. That fat little froggie is soooo cute!
  8. happy birthday nomi
  9. Nomi, that was so kind of you to send me that book! I've got a bunch of Discworld novels now! They will keep me for quite a while!
    You are still invited to my birthday party, and if you ever have one that you would like me to attend, i will if there is a train station near your house that AmTrak frequents or if i get an income that makes it so i don't have to be afraid of my car breaking down several hundred miles from home. I would love to drive back that a-way just to stop at the zoo in Shidoshitown and the fantastic Henry Ford in Everyonesgettinglaidoff,deargodhowistheamericaneconomygoingtoholdup,pleasesomethingre versethistrendtown.
  10. See, look. This is me right now. Rated E said so.
  11. You're not fun at all.
  12. I have class and work anyway. Sorry man.
  13. Fuh. I knew a guy who drove across the country without a dime. How he did it: STEALING GASOLINE BY SIPHONING IT OUT OF OLD CARS. that's pretty dumb tho.
    You're missing the second nicest part of the country, right next to the hills of Pennsylvania.
    Denver's not nearly as big city as NYC.
  14. I don't travel much, I hate driving and I'm broke. I went to NYC for a LAN and that was really the first big US city I've ever been to. Didn't actually see the city though.
  15. Now's a good time to make the trip! I don't know how you could not even go to Chicago, it's right there! Are you telling me you've never been to the Henry Ford Museum (probably the most fantastic museum in the entire United States), even though it's sooooo close to you? I wish it was so close to me!
  16. Dude I've never been west of Ohio. You've gotta be kidding. I couldn't even make it if it was Chicago.
  17. Dear Nomi, you are invited to my birthday party at the Casa Bonita in Lakewood, CO on March 24th of 2009. I look forward to seeing you there. Because you will be there, right? I will suffer massive disappointment otherwise.
  18. You don't know it, but you do.
  19. I really don't want to be in the owls. Sorry.
  20. HOOOOO
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