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  1. Oh, btw, YEARS LATER here are those correct "Shudder" lyrics

    Check it out/well it’s a lyrical paragraph/your tracks make me laugh/in front of the microphone/you didn’t pass math/& science/ the main ingredient/to be the finest of the fittest/you get it?/and yo, I ain’t wit’ it/you failed both the lessons while I made the top ten/Stop, look & listen, give props to the lightning/knowledge is the key to be a sensible black man/wisdom understands the ways of a dark man/devilish attitude you really make me move/Friday the 13th/you’re all fucking doomed/you’re Jason in my mind/and Freddy all combined/You play with the savages and look what we find/See/there’s only one reigning body/I’m Mr. Hot Rocker/I’m a singing mah song/I wanna rock-a-bye the baby/it won’t be long until you’re pushing up daisies (C’MON!)
  2. Whhhhat's going on, Man? Long time no see...
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