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  1. That's very sweet! I thought you were being a Grumpass and just came in here to call me a jerk for liking latter day DinoJu.

    Yeah, Season 2 is a mostly a toothless soap opera thing that happens to be (partly) set in a jail. Its last stretch is a little more toothful, though.
  2. Hi arbm. I just saw your post about SoSo being "god-tier" (and comparing her to Luna Lovegood), and wanted to rep you, but I couldn't. So I will let you know here I didn't rip that off in my post about Dinosaur Jr. Your posts are worth plagiarizing, but I'm innocent. (This time.)

    I'm halfway through season 2 and don't like it as much as season 1, but it's still good.
  3. I really do like that show!
  4. I was fairly nonplussed by Better Off Ted the whole first season. I could definitely see not liking it after the first two episodes. Not sure why (probably faith in Netflix's 4-star prediction), but I kept going, and it totally comes into its own by season 2, I swear. Or else it wore down my defenses. One or the other. All I know is I was charmed to death by the end and quite saddened there would be no more.

    Archer, though.... Maybe it would eventually win me over, too. Stranger things have happened. I just don't hate myself enough to continue soldiering on through such torture on that off chance.
  5. Archer really is terrible, Compass. I was going to post about how bad it was in that thread, but, I mean, what's the use?

    And I'm surprised you like Better Off Ted! I barely made it through two episodes of that one.
  6. Aw, thanks! That's the long-term goal.
  7. Hahaha, yes. You should post stuff like that to the board. The TNL pot is always in need of a lil' more stirring.
  8. No Christmas list for you, Grumpus? I wanted ta gitcha a little suttin'.
  9. Hey bitten: you should post moar.
  10. Please join me in a candlelight vigil for our friend.

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