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  1. Ah I often visit the folks on the weekends. So its no big deal for me to swing by if you want sometime.
  2. Back in the Pecan Grove for now, since I am unemployed. My number is 2812028187, or if that's gone off too, 2812392407. I can't travel much, since I'm on borrowed dime.
  3. Nice little place by St. Thomas, has a pool, excellent maintenance and more or less quiet neighbors. Also: stupid cheap and near everything. You? Also phones numbers?
  4. where do you live these days?
  5. Hey gimmie a call tracer. I'm sick and miserable!
  6. I will get on the myspaces and internet message you!
  7. Thanks! It's been a while. I'm on MySpace, like for reals, now as well. I've appearantly already have you friended.
  8. Welcome back.
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